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London Guitar Lessons ~ Music Tuition London ~ North West London,Maida Vale,St. Johns Wood.Swiss Cottage,  Camden ~ ~ St. Johns Wood. London Guitar Academy specialise in all guitar styles, Guitar Lessons Maida Vale Hello, Welcome London Guitar Academy Guitar Lessons in Maida Vale London W9. London Guitar Academy offers a wide range of teaching styles that is tailored to suit you, the learner. We are […]

Knightsbridge Guitar Lessons-Looking for guitar lessons in Knightsbridge? Well you’ve come to the right place! London Guitar Academy offer guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons in Knightsbridge London SW1X,SW3, SW7 from the most experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic tutors around. At London Guitar Lessons we pride ourselves on providing acoustic and electric guitar lessons, tailored made to the needs of each individual! Whether […]

London Guitar Tuition offers Kensington guitar players the brilliant opportunity of studying with our fabulous professional guitar tutors offer the finest  guitar tuition in Kensington. We extend a warm welcome to  beginner wishing to realise their musical goals  with the convenience of having lessons in your own home, and a guarantee that we can meet any student’s musical requirements. For any questions concerning guitar lessons in […]

Spring is in the air @ London Guitar Academy and there is lots of student conversations about the electric guitar….. one thing everyone at guitar lessons London agrees with is there is no doubt about it, the electric guitar is the coolest instrument of the modern age. Its influence has done more for music than […]

Welcome to London Guitar Academy. Learn how to play guitar in London with our Guitar Lessons  for Absolute Beginners. Live and love guitar with our fantastic beginners guitar lessons in London.We offer group 1-2-1 private lessons for children, teens and adults. Our guitar classes are tailor made for YOUR specific requirements. We have  a huge range of video, audio and text lessons on many topics […]

[soundcloud id=’83244247′] [soundcloud id=’82495023′] Love Music Play Guitar With London Guitar Academy and our FREE jam tracks! [soundcloud id=’82361123′] Besides writing and playing songs I just love improvising. When I practice improvising I always first pour myself a cup of green tea, I put on some Blues music (e.g. BB King, Muddy Waters, Rolling Stones, […]

  [soundcloud id=’82918271′ classes='[soundcloud id=’82918271′] [soundcloud id=’82495023′] [soundcloud id=’82365458′] [soundcloud id=’82489935′] [soundcloud id=’82605920′] [soundcloud id=’82360414′] Guitar Backing Track  Please UPLOAD your backing tracks and share with the guitar playing community.Guitar backing tracks of the highest quality. Guitar backing tracks in various styles , in various keys which will help you playing style.Quality guitar backing tracks, jam tracks, video lessons […]

Here @ London Guitar Academy we have always had a huge soft spot for the genius of  Richard Ashcroft & The Verve it must be my North West roots but right from the beginning they hit the sweet spot for me. Much later when they released the immaculate Lucky Man it be came a staple of […]

Lessons in the comfort of your own home for children, teenagers and adults of all ages and for total beginners, intermediate and advanced professional students.Guitar lessons in London from a Highly Experienced Performers and full time guitar teachers. Using our own (LGA) friendly & refined teaching style. Guitar lessons also happen at London Guitar Academy’s Studio.Our studio is located at […]

Congratulations to Chris Godding (Acoustic Guitar) March’s Pupil of the month !!! Guitar student Chris  has made a consistently big  impression at the London Guitar Academy over the past year. We want to congratulate him on being our  student of the month for March 2013.Chris has made huge strides rhythmically proving that practice and patience are a staple pair […]