Major Scale “the Foundation of all things GOOD”

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Scales refer to a series of notes that go in an ascending and descending manner. The major scale is the foundation from which all other scales are formed. A C major scale begins with a C and ends with a C. The same rule applies with the rest of the keys where a D Major Scale begins and ends with a D and so on. The notes on a major scale is numbered from 1 to 8, this signifies the intervals
  • The major scale is the first of the diatonic scales
  • Another name for the major scale: the Ionian Mode
  • A major scale has 7 notes
  •  For the scale to be major, all that is necessary is that the whole step (W), (W), Half (H), (W), (W), (W), (H) pattern be followed.

The first and simplest major scale is the C major scale:

C Major Scale

  • The C major scale is the only major scale that doesn’t have sharps (#) or flats (b). We’ll see a bit further what this means.
  • If you play the C major scale on the piano
  • , only white notes are used (all the white notes) .
  • In solfege, the notes of the major scale are named like this: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti (or Si)
  • Another notation that is used is the following: C    D    E    F    G    A    B  C
  • For every note of the major scale you can make a chord…..
  • guitar chords in key of c major in grids

    Numbers in the dots are suggested fingerings. Empty strings are muted or not played [most likely muted!].Bob Dylan like all GREAT songwriters definitely  knows whats the major scale is!