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Lesson Reviews

  • Amanda Timberlake
    "I'm two weeks into a 6 week course of 1:1 online lessons and I'm having an amazing time! James is a patient and encouraging teacher who's enthusiasm for music is contagious."
    Amanda TimberlakeStudent
  • Mario Rojas
    "I took the beginner guitar course (six weeks) and loved every minute. James created a friendly, welcoming environment for our group, calling us a “band” from the start."
    Mario RojasStudent
  • Joel Richards
    "As an adult beginner, I couldn't have a better teacher than James and his brilliant London Guitar Academy Team."
    Joel RichardsStudent
  • Jasmine Jones
    "Great lessons from a truely great teacher! I've really enjoyed every guitar lesson with James . He’s a musical mastermind and great at explaining in an easy to understand way"
    Jasmine JonesStudent
  • Sylvia Porchetta
    "London Guitar Academy are the best guitar teachers in London, and their guitar lessons are unparalleled."
    Sylvia PorchettaStudent
  • Pacila Mochacino
    "London Guitar Academy is my first experience taking actual guitar lessons and I'm so glad I did i chose them! James is constantly encouraging and pushing me to improve my guitar playing abilities."
    Pacila MochacinoStudent
  • Fancis Fox
    "Excellent Guitar Academy! James is a fantastic guitar teacher located here in London, he knows music inside out and is outstanding at teaching students of all ages and abilities"
    Fancis FoxStudent
  •  OfficialRhysus
    "I recently had a guitar lesson with James which I very mucn enjoyed, giving me tips and techniques which I will carry through for a lifetime."
  • "James is a fantastic guitar teacher here in London. His friendly guitar lessons helped me to learn guitar with speed and confidence through the songs that I love."
    Louise DixonStudent

The Advantages of Taking Online Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Online. Would you like to learn guitar, but you can’t attend a music studio?

No problem! Nowadays, the internet is a complete source of guitar lessons for guitarists of all levels. You just have to sit comfortably with your guitar and turn on your pc or mobile device.

The nice thing is that lessons can be taken in a lot of different ways. You can learn via FaceTime, Skype or online video resources. Easy, right?

Let’s see the main advantages of online guitar learning:

Guitar Lessons Online

Online guitar lessons for beginners

Online videos: Youtube is surely the biggest source of guitar tuition videos, but other sites could be a good option too. On the internet you can find lessons of all types: 

  • Short videos about how to manage your first chords 
  • Guides about essential guitar techniques
  • Lessons divided by music genre

You can watch videos whenever you want (even at nighttime, after a long working day), add them to bookmarks, and rewatch them as many times as you want.

Videos are easy to follow and are perfect for a beginner student who wants to learn guitar basics. Many Youtube channels even offer a complete course with lessons designed step by step and put in order of difficulty level.

Videos are good if you’re attending a music studio too: in between lessons, watching videos can be a great source to keep on practising.

Live online lessons

If you prefer to have one-to-one lessons but your job/school routine doesn’t allow you to have regular in-person ones, live online lessons are the right choice for you. FaceTime and Skype are both good for this purpose, you just need to equip yourself with a broadband Internet connection, a  webcam ( just for Skype) or a mobile device.

The two services allow you to chat live with your teacher, so you can explain to him/her your eventual difficulties and improve your music skills. Moreover, teachers can easily correct your mistakes and bad habits, just as you were doing an in-person lesson.

They can also send you useful files for your practice and share their screen with you, so you can see exactly how to put your hands or manage correctly guitar techniques.

It’s totally up to you to choose between the two services. FaceTime has the big advantage that it comes pre-configured on all Mac devices, while Skype needs to be installed. However, the latter has two further advantages:

  • You can use it on your TV (taking lessons in your sitting room is way more comfortable!)
  • You can open files and links directly in the app, so your lesson flows more easily (it’s a little detail, but it’s a plus!).

Take a look at our online lessons!

Obviously, we are looking for you to visit our music studio, but if you live too far you can always start watching our online guitar tutorials on Our online lessons are very easy to follow and song-based. 

Would you like to learn to play famous songs such as “Seven Nation Army” or “Knockin’on Heavens Door”?

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