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Tips & Tricks for improving as a Guitarist DAWs & Loop Pedals Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) have revolutionized the music industry and made it easier than ever for guitar players to create, record, and produce their music. With a simple interface, musicians can access a vast library of sounds and effects that allow them to […]

 4:21 Guitar Backing Track – Rock Jam in Am 120bpm by gfbx24 2 years ago 343,177 views [twitter width=”600″ height=”600″ username=”″ tweets=”10″ interval=”6000″ titlecolor=”#5B8090″ headercolor=”0″ backgroundcolor=”#FFFFFF” textcolor=”#000000″ linkscolor=”#1985B5″ variant=”light”] Guitar Backing Track – A minor Rock Jam. OFFICIAL  3:25 Excellent Classic Rock Backing Track in E by SulliBackingTracks 2 years ago 324,273 views Download link here: Follow me on … […]

    Slow Blues Guitar Backing Track in A – One Of The Best Blues Jam Tracks! by 50bluesjam 1 year ago 45,027 views Slow Blues Guitar Backing Track in A – One Of The Best Blues Jam Tracks! http://www.50Blu…  3:46 Play Guitar – Backing Track Heavy Blues In E by HomeTracks 3 months ago 33,756 views Play guitar […]

  82918271′ classes=’82918271′] 82495023′] 82365458′] 82489935′] 82605920′] 82360414′] Guitar Backing Track  Please UPLOAD your backing tracks and share with the guitar playing community.Guitar backing tracks of the highest quality. Guitar backing tracks in various styles , in various keys which will help you playing style.Quality guitar backing tracks, jam tracks, video lessons and more @ London Guitar Academy.Home of […]