Electric Guitar Lessons In London

Spring is in the air @ London Guitar Academy and there is lots of student conversations about the electric guitar….. one thing everyone at guitar lessons London agrees with is there is no doubt about it, the electric guitar is the coolest instrument of the modern age. Its influence has done more for music than any other musical instrument.Being confident within your own Guitar Playing really means being able to play anywhere…in-front of anyone.The fastest way to raise you confidence to this level is to know your instrument well.  The benefit of the quiet confidence that comes from knowing your instrument well…is really beyond measure.No wonder then that the electric guitar is the most popular instrument people want to learn. Like its cousin, the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar uses the same techniques and theory. From chords, scales, arpeggios if your looking to kick start your guitar playing why not give us a call on 07957 230 354 & we’ll make sure your guitar playing  improves faster than you ever thought possible!

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