• Playing the guitar is so much fun…I love playing my guitar & learning songs
  • David
    There are guitar teachers, and there there’s James. James makes learning the guitar a total musical experience.
  • Jason
    Everything just clicked. All of a sudden the guitar became easy
  • Charlie Weaver
    Guitar is the universal language which James speaks fluently! James teaches guitar in a digestible, exciting way. He focuses on both theory and technique that culture you as not just a guitarist but a well rounded musician. His song writing and production expertise make for a unique and unrivalled learning experience. I owe an awful lot to James as a guitarist, musician, performer and songwriter – I hope this doesn’t sound over the top but he couldn’t come more highly recommended by me.”
    Charlie Weaver
  • Daniel
    I’ve had lessons with James for years and my guitar playing as improved considerably, both technically and creatively. He’s been extremely knowledgeable, helpful in improving my weaknesses, and is a great guy to learn from! Lessons are always fun, and i’d definitely recommend him if you want to learn guitar.
  • Brent
    I have seen James every week for almost three years. During that time I have learned a tremendous amount about playing the guitar and writing and recording music. When I first visited James I was a moderately competent guitarist who could play others’ basic songs. I now play in a band and have written over 20 songs that I have recorded with James. James teaches in a hands-on, practical way and tailors lessons to students’ aptitude and musical tastes.
  • James
    Having lessons with James for over 5 years has given me the opportunity to develop my guitar playing skills and technique as well as creativity. Lessons are always fun with James as he is so enthusiastic and willing to help in what ever way he can.
  • Hattie
    I first studied with James Stratton in 2007. Under his expert guidance I started writing my own songs and am currently working on my third CD. James is an inspiring and charismatic teacher with a deep-founded musicality and a full understanding of all different styles of music. He is great fun to work with and sensitive and adaptable to an individual’s needs.
  • Jack
    I’ve learnt so much so quickly. James’s lessons are great fun covering all the music i like and more. Plus the guitars at the studio are the best and so good to play!
  • Loz
    Without question, James is the best teacher I have ever met.
  • Lessons with James have taken me Beyond my wildest dreams: I was one of those people who would say I have no musical abilities when asked if I play an instrument.
  • There is a little rock and roll lurking inside all of us; James specialises in teasing it out, sharpening it up and making it sound great! I play to relax and to entertain friends and family. James understands my level of commitment and tunes our lessons accordingly. My guitar skills have improved, but it’s also been loads of fun. He Keeps me rocking man!