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Guitar lessons in London

The LGA offers guitar lessons all over London; whether at our professional studio in Queens Park, at one of our tutors fully equipped home studios or from the comfort of your own home with one of our home visit tutors. Every one of our tutors are fully qualified and actively work within the music industry in a professional capacity, teaching both electric and acoustic guitar to all ages and abilities. So wether you are an experienced player looking to enhance your skills or an absolute beginner, we have the perfect tutor for you. 

London Guitar Lessons

We pride ourselves in designing our lessons and courses around the individual, catering to your musical tastes and ambitions to ensure you are getting exactly what you want from your guitar lessons. So if you want to dive into music theory or learn to shred like the pros, we can easily tailor you’re learning to help you become a great guitar player. 

Get in touch and book a trial lesson with one of our tutors to get a taste of what the LGA is all about. We can discuss your ambitions and needs so we can match you with a tutor who is going to help you get the most out of your guitar playing.

Get in touch to find out more information about tutors in your area and our guitar lessons in London. 


London Guitar Lessons

No matter how long you have played guitar, we can help you move forward and progress your skills but most importantly… help you enjoy the journey! From beginner to advanced, from Rock to Reggae, wether its electric and/or acoustic, we cater lessons to all ages and abilities around London. Get in touch now to find out how we can help get you started with the London Guitar Academy!


Specially designed for first time guitarists of all ages, our beginner lessons will get you playing in no time. With a clear focus on learning the music you love whilst building the foundations of solid guitar tuition, our beginner classes aim to build confidence on your instrument in a friendly, relaxed and fun environment. 


Aimed at players who have studied guitar for up to a year or more. We take a more in-depth look at music theory and different genres of music to give you a bigger spectrum of study and broaden your musical horizons. We will start to look at new scales and chords whilst also introducing you to techniques such as improvising and song writing. 


For those who would like to learn classical guitar, we have a number of specialist tutors who are fully qualified to deliver classical guitar lessons. If you wish to take guitar exams, our tutors can help you study for grades across all exam boards and give you the support you need to excel in formal music examinations. 


Our advanced lessons are for guitarists who have been playing for a long time and are looking for new and exciting ways to freshen up their playing. All of our tutors are current, professional musicians that have the knowledge and experience to teach advanced technique and theory across all genres. From Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, Classical and more we have specialist tutors ready to help you push your playing to the next level! 


For those with busy schedules or those who prefer learning from home, we offer one to one lessons on various online video platforms such as Skype or Facetime. This is a very effective way of learning which more and more students are utilising. It gives you the full guitar lesson experience without having to be in the same room, giving you with the freedom to learn guitar in your own time and on your own terms! 


Learn the best way to play the guitar! Our teachers will break it down so that even the most complex thing can be made simple. We will help to build speed and precision and keep the standard up without letting it drop. You will avoid the aches and pains that can often come with playing without knowing which guidelines to follow. Step by step instructions on correct posture, hand positions and even just holding the guitar properly! You will have your right and left hand working together and develop muscle memory so you will always play the best you can. 

Whether it’s picking, strumming or tapping – there’s more than one way to do it and our expertise will make sure you can learn to do it the technical way. The better your technique is, the quicker you can pick up new tips tricks as we progress. The temptation for a lot of musicians is to skip over the tricky bits and excel at the easy bits and therefore develop bad habits. Your teacher will give you all their attention to pick up on what you are struggling with and help you push through until you master it.

Style and Songwriting

A great aspect of learning the guitar is to focus on the songs you like and learn through what they are playing. The essence of style and songwriting is when you can’t get a song out of your head or you find a particular melody stays with you for days. When we focus on what gives a particular person or band their signature sound on the guitar and repeat it with multiple players we can start to find what we like, what we don’t and eventually our own style. This will then give you the tools to create your own songs. 

Working together, our teachers will give input to push your potential and get the best out of yourself. By playing with the teacher you will be encouraged to bring out your own ideas and the teacher can help you get what is in your head to come through your fingers and out of the amplifier! We will introduce new genres and styles that broaden your tastes and skills. Take a look at what characteristics makes a genre, what makes a particular guitarist stand out and what gives a song its groove. We can show you and before you know it, get you doing it yourself and unlock your own musical identity.


Improvising is a wonderful form of expression. It is spontaneous composition and really has no limits. We will learn from other aspects of the lessons things like what scales compliment which chords, how to articulate certain rhythms and how to use dynamics to give a song a deeper feel. We will use all of this and apply it in a practical way. Jamming with your teacher you will  gain the confidence to express your ideas and skills, pushing what you are really capable of! 

Regular improvisation is a fun and exciting way to experiment with all the possibilities in music. One day it may be using effects pedals to create a huge Pink Floyd sound, others trying to find the raw acoustic John Lee Hooker feel. You can utilise the every note and every technique the guitar has to offer to express you ideas. We will dive into many genres and hear what sets them apart and what unifies them. Through improvising we really get a sense for how they feel.

Music Theory

Music theory is the language of music. Learn how to structure your music and what elements to use to tell a story without using words. How it can be beautiful, aggressive, fun or sentimental. Don’t worry if you have nightmares from music lessons at school, being swamped with dull theory lessons – it doesn’t have to be like that! Theory is something we will learn as we go in a number of ways, one way being to analyse songs and deconstruct what they are doing. 

We will look at the relationship of notes and harmonies, find what works and what doesn’t. From very beginner scales and rhythms to advanced notation and complex time signatures, this crucial skill brings music to life and makes every aspect more stimulating. Whichever type of learner you are, be it visual, auditory, written or kinesthetic, we can bring these elements together to make you a well-rounded musician. You can start to understand how musical elements work together to and use it to really appreciate music on a new level. 


This is one of the key aspects to learning an instrument. You will be taught by people who are performing musicians who can give you real insight into what it takes to go from playing in your bedroom to playing on a stage. Before you know it you will be using language that brings you into the world and conversation of being a musician. We can get you ready to interact in a group or band setting and have the confidence to take your passion to the next level. 

When you have  questions about anything musical your teacher will be there to help. What makes The Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction a hit and not just three notes going up and down? There is a lot to learn about breathing life into the guitar and going from someone who can play what has been pre-written to someone who can bring some flair to it. 

Take a look at our reviews and testimonials from some of our students who have studied here with us at the London Guitar Academy!

Student Review

Guitar lessons with the London Guitar Academy can be booked at a time and place that suits you and as frequently or as little as you need. Wether you prefer ‘pay as you go’ lessons or want to book one of our courses, we endeavour to fit to your schedule to the best of our abilities. Our lessons are 60 minutes or 45 minutes and are available until 9pm and on weekends, meaning whatever your schedule we can accommodate to you. Get in touch now to find out more! 

London Guitar Academy

The London Guitar Academy is London’s only dedicated Rock Pop and Blues guitar school specialising in one to one guitar tuition in either electric or acoustic guitar.

Each lesson is tailored to suit each students individual taste and ability; offering a fresh and innovative approach to learning the guitar.

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