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3 Great Fingerstyle Guitarists and What Makes Them So Special!   It’s not always easy to make a list like this with so many great fingerstyle guitarists to choose from around the world. To make it a little easier, we’ve narrowed it down to just three of the world’s best fingerstyle guitarists in no particular […]

Repair log: G&L Tribute Series Legacy by Cort Guitars Copyright retained, Terry Relph-Knight 28/11/19 Value – Purchased for £200. The current version of this model is £479 new, might get £400 for it as left handed guitars are rare. Weight – 3.75Kg 8.27lbs   Supplied with a Thomann gig bag, a set of D’Addario 10 […]

Learning Guitar has never been easier It’s safe to say times are tough. Social distancing has muddled our schedules and left us with time on our hands and not a lot do, and that can feel frustrating. We customise lessons to fit the learning style of each individual student We’re here to help. People all […]

May 1, 2020



7 Ways To Stay Motivated While Playing Guitar   Stuck in a rut, bored of your boredom, got guitarist’s block? Why can’t the guitar pick itself up you say, where is the love, curiosity and motivation I felt at the beginning. Don’t worry my fellow Guitar friend here are 7 ways to stay motivated while […]

Become A Guitarist  Music, practice, time, resources – learning to play the guitar might be difficult done overnight, but it certainly can be done from the comfort of your own home. You may be finding yourself with a lot more spare time that you’re using for playing with the cats or watching Tiger documentaries. If […]