Slash featuring Myles Kennedy

SLASH featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators
OVO Arena Wembley, April 2024

This was part of The River is Rising tour, and as such Slash and the band were
clearly extremely well-rehearsed and ready to give us 2 hours of hard rockin’.
Going to see Slash is very different from most other concerts, when the singer is
usually the larger than life front man, not the least of which in his own Guns ‘n
Roses. Here Myles Kennedy provided excellent vocals, but in no way tried to
dominate. People had come to see Slash, and it was Slash who took centre stage.
Indeed, there were similarities in going to see a virtuoso violin player leading a
concerto. Slash is an iconic guitar player, and as he played solo after solo, with the
neck of his Les Paul in its trademark vertical position, at times it seemed like he was
10 feet tall, brandishing his guitar like a weapon.

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy

Slash is an iconic guitar player,

That doesn’t mean he wasn’t backed by an excellent band – far from it, with the
drums/base/2 nd guitar providing an excellent backing to Myles vocals and to Slash’s
nonstop chords, riffs, licks, and solos. Full of energy, at times climbing a platform in
front of the drum riser and leaping from it. Whilst playing of course! But compared
with most gigs, this was less about the songs, good though they were, and more
about a platform for Slash to display his magnificent virtuoso skills. Some of his solos
were very long, which was just as well because really you didn’t want them to stop.
The speed of his playing was at times extraordinary.

This was absolutely a no frills rock show. Apart from lights and two video screens,
there were no visual effects. Just a pure rock band and the pleasure of song after
song, almost all of which were from the SMKC catalogue including show opener
“The River is Rising “and six other songs from their 2022 album, “4”. We weren’t
treated to the likes of Sweet Child or November Rain; indeed, there was only one
Guns ‘n Roses cover, Don’t Damn Me.

The band also performed the Elton John song “Rocket Man” in the encore, with
Slash on pedal steel guitar. Switching back to a Gibson for the fabulous show closer,
Anastasia. The band were clearly connecting with the audience, particularly those in
the tightly packed floor standing, to whom multiple guitar picks, set lists and drum
sticks passed at the end. At which point Slash completed proceedings with his
customary handstand. We had indeed seen a maestro in action.

Paul Allen
10 April 2024