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First Guitar Lesson Welcome to your first guitar lesson! Embarking on a journey into the world of music is an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you dream of strumming along to your favorite songs, performing on stage, or simply expressing yourself through the melodies you create, the guitar is a fantastic instrument to start with. […]

Archway guitar lessons  Archway guitar tutors Guitar Lessons London– have fun learning music and improve at your pace! Learn the guitar techniques needed through the songs you want to play. London Guitar Academy can tailor your lessons individually for students of any age, goals, skill level or style. Guitar Lessons-Archway,Dartmouth Park,Highgate,Kentish Town,Muswell Hill,Tufnell Park,Holloway,Archway Road,Junction Road,Crouch End,Hornsey! QUALITY […]

Beginner guitar lessons London private guitar lessons London Guitar Lessons London are the premier professional music school in central London! Offering lessons for children, adults and seniors. We have a special program to suit everyone’s needs and are committed to making it possible for everyone to take music lessons. Guitar Lessons are available for all ages and all […]

Group Guitar Lessons London Group Guitar Teachers Group Classes Guitar Lessons London group classes run for 4 weeks as a taster session to see if you like the instrument and then you can choose to carry on following our term times. The four-week taster session costs £80. You will be provided with all course materials […]

December 18, 2013


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 London Guitar Club | London Guitar Society | London Guitar Academy London Guitar Club Welcome to the London Guitar Club dedicated to building a foundation for inspiration! We are central to the London guitar community, and we would love to have you involved! We offer many events for guitarists and others who love guitar music. At the […]

 North West London Guitar Lessons – Guitar Lessons North West London – Music Lessons North West London Welcome To North West London Guitar Lessons! Custom Guitar lessons @ LONDON GUITAR ACADEMY tailored to meet artistic interests on the electric or acoustic guitar including:  learn great songs good technique improvisation reading music music theory jazz guitar classical […]

London Guitar Weekends – Guitar Weekends London – Guitar Getaways London Guitar weekend in London travel from the convenience of your own home or take a weekend break in the amazing vibrant,multicultural world capital that is London UK. Brilliant  weekend breaks for recreational and serious guitar players to learn to play all guitar styles,beginner specialist courses and fantastic […]

Group Guitar Lessons London  – Adult Group Guitar Lessons London  Courses taught in group setting. Participants learn chords, strumming and picking techniques and much more!.Group Guitar Lessons London  – Adult Group Guitar Lessons London.Guitar Lessons London teach rock,rock’n roll, rhythm & blues, and folk guitar in London. We can also help you with pop, jazz,country and […]

Take private guitar lessons in London from experienced, friendly, and professional instructors at London Guitar Academy! Whether you are interested in a specific style or simply want to learn the basics, London Guitar Academy’s private guitar lessons in London allow you to learn guitar, banjo, ukulele, and lap steel guitar at your own pace.  Lessons […]