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If you are looking for music lessons in London, UK, look no further. Our mission at London Guitar Academy, is to cultivate and expand the knowledge, understanding, the love of, and the passion for music and the higher aspirations, therein. We pass on the tools and guidance that will enable students to progress and fulfill their talents and ambitions, thereby, providing a venue for the students to perform and express themselves musically.

London Guitar Lessons

Music Lessons In London, guitar lessons

We offer guitar lessons with individual music lessons for all ages in various styles. Our instructors will design a lesson program based on aptitude and type of music the student is interested in learning. If the student wishes to focus on classical, blues, jazz, finger picking, or rock guitar, we have teachers that specialise in those styles. Lesson repertoire includes theory, technique, ear training, and performance preparation. The recommended starting age is 7. We sell beginning acoustic and electric guitar packages that include all accessories necessary for starting guitar!

We Also deliver our great music lessons to the comfort and convenience LIVE On the Internet With Skype Video Conferencing

All Styles including..Blues,Rock,Folk,Funk,Jazz,Pop,Metal,Beginners,Intermediate,Old and Young Alike, Learn songs immediately,Freeform jam band and improv,Open tuned slide guitar blues and finger style roots music,Professional musician’s who’s played blues, rock,funk,folk,pop, improv and psychedelic.We also teach bass guitar.