Music For Children

Music is a universal language. Listening to music is something almost everyone does, or has done. Others take their love of music further and learn to write or play music. Whether it’s listening, composing or playing an instrument, music education at an early age can be beneficial for kids.

The power of music…

Unfortunately, music education is one of the first things to get cut from many school programs… if only more people realised that the benefits of music go far beyond learning a mechanical skill. Check out these kids from a slum in Paraguay who are discovering the life-changing power of music. This is a trailer from an upcoming documentary about how they are turning rubbish into music:

Music For Children

Musical Fun & Learning. Classes

Guitar Lessons

Ages 6 and up. Guitar is great, but it’s also physically demanding. The strings agitate the fingers, the neck is hard to hold, and of course strumming requires a rhythm. Guitar lessons are usually best for kids 6 years old and up. If they have learned an instrument before such as piano or ukulele, you’ll notice a big difference in how fast they learn guitar. Also for young kids, you’ll want to get them a kids size guitar.