Guitar Lessons London-London Guitar Academy

Guitar Lessons London-London Guitar Academy
Welcome to the home of Guitar Lessons LondonLondon Guitar Academy where we offer Beginner to Advanced Guitar Lessons. All ages ( we teach lots of children and adults) and all styles are welcome, acoustic and electric and I am conveniently located in Queens Park London NW6

Why Music Is So Important… 

  • Its a universal language, inspiring common human feelings and bridging gaps between cultures and languages.
  • Music inspires and evokes emotion in a healthy way.
  • Playing music enhances learning and makes it more enjoyable. Scientifically proven, it enhances brain functioning as you use many brain functions simultaneously: motor control, imagination, hearing, sight, memory, etc.

At London Guitar Lessons take great pride in teaching all things guitar : Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Folk, Pop,Classical, sight reading, scales studies and development, Improvising, music theory, ear training, songwriting etc