Acoustic Guitar | Electric Guitar | Bass Guitar

Acoustic Guitar | Electric Guitar | Bass Guitar

Are you tired of trying to learn guitar on your own?

Superb guitar lessons instill proper technique and help build confidence. Here at the London Guitar Academy, we think it is very commendable that some people are able to learn guitar on their own. However, we recommend not to distress yourself with cryptic guitar tabs and chords from the internet. The teachers at the London Guitar Academy are here to encourage you and we will make sure to find someone who enjoys your music and playing style and can make all the difference. Knowledge of musical scales helps to better understand guitar chords. A great guitar teacher provides the basic foundation. Be confident, become an excellent guitarist, and a great performer!

acoustic guitar electric guitar bass guitar

acoustic guitar electric guitar bass guitar lessons London

Learn rock, pop, blues, jazz, folk, classical, whatever your style. Please fill out the form on the musical contact page if you are interested in guitar lessons for either a child or yourself. Most importantly, if you eventually decide to take up the guitar, know that you will be matched with the right teacher for your private guitar lessons, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

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