Guitar Lessons in Brockley South East London

Guitar Lessons Brockley

Guitar Lessons in Brockley South East London

Guitar Lessons in Brockley South East London

Blockley Guitar Lessons

  • Guitar lessons for kids
  • Electric guitar lessons
  • Acoustic guitar lessons
  • Classical guitar lessons
  • Adult guitar lessons
  • Beginner guitar lessons
  • Gypsy Jazz

Guitar, Bass and Ukulele lessons in South London Electric Guitar Lessons and Electric Guitar Teachers in Blockley SE4



Blockley Guitar Lessons

Blockley Guitar Lessons

Crofton Park

Guitar Lessons Stockwell

Guitar Lessons in Stockwell

Guitar Lessons Stockwell. Our music teachers are dedicated to learning your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. London Guitar Academy has a proven track record of offering quality music lessons in Stockwell. CALL TODAY! Get Inspired and Learn to Play Guitar with Passion and Confidence! 

Guitar Lessons Stockwell

Guitar Lessons Stockwell


Guitar Teacher Stockwell, Guitar Lesson Stockwell and Guitar Tuition

Stockwell guitar teachers teach rock, blues, metal, country and classical guitar lessons on electric and acoustic guitars.

Beginner students can expect to work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight reading and theory. It is our belief that by working closely with our students allows them to enjoy their instruments and lessons, then the work becomes fun, interesting and rewarding.  We also teach how to play at jams and how to play vocal accompaniment on guitar.

Guitar Teacher Stockwell, Guitar Lesson Stockwell and Guitar Tuition

Guitar Teacher Stockwell, Guitar Lesson Stockwell and Guitar Tuition


STOCKWELL guitar lessons London

Dedicated to beginner & intermediate acoustic & electric guitar tuition in Stockwell London. Top guitar tutors who provide easy guitar lessons for beginners, among many other quality music services. We offer flamenco and classical guitar classes, to all ages and levels.

STOCKWELL guitar lessons London

STOCKWELL guitar lessons London

Guitar Lessons Dalston

Dalston Guitar Lessons Learn To Play Your Favourite Songs With Help From Our Expert Tutor Brian in Dalston London E8. Brian is nurturing, kind teacher who will give real confidence in your guitar playing. Helping you progress way faster than you thought possible. Private...

Guitar lessons Shoreditch

Shoreditch Guitar lessons Learn To Play Guitar With reliable, trusted, Lessons From London's Top Guitar School. Get started today with your first lesson. Get the great results you want from your guitar lessons in Shoreditch whether you're just starting out, or have...

Guitar Lessons in Leytonstone

Guitar Lessons in Leyton Guitar Lessons Leyton with our local tutor Peter Davies. Peter's is super passionate about the guitar and his home studio is located on Huxley Road, Leyton, London E10 5QY, a few minutes walk from Leyton tube. Get private lessons from a...

Daphne Blue Stratocaster

Repair log – EBAY purchase, Daphne Blue ‘Stratocaster’ assembled from parts. Owner – James Stratton, London Guitar Academy, 07957 230354, Purchased for £500, estimated parts value £889.21 © Terry Relph-Knight...

London Guitar Tutors Guitar Lessons London are  recognized for being a master musicians and teachers with an enthusiastic and joyful passion for playing and for teaching all ages, all...

Guitar Hub Electric Guitar Lessons Guitar Hub's guitar instructors all have the same goal in mind and that is to provide the highest quality education in a fun, energetic and welcoming environment.  Our focus will be on playing a song by the end of each set of...

Gibson Goldtop Traditional Les Paul

Repair log – 2009 Gibson Goldtop Traditional Les Paul SN 00939030, made Nashville USA. Owner – James Stratton, London Guitar Academy, 07957 230354, Current value range - £1,104 to £1,499 in excellent condition (but with original...

Counting Rhythm

Back to Basics: Counting Rhythm Hey guys, Dan here again with another mind-boggling article for y’all to wrap your ears/eyes/whatever around. Up to now, I’ve mostly done either gear based posts, or intermediate to advanced music stuff and something has occurred to me;...

Guitar Lessons Bounds Green

 Bounds Green Guitar Lessons Guitar Lessons in Bounds Green we offer private one-on-one lessons custom-tailored to the needs and goals of the individual student. Playing the guitar is a great hobby that can bring you many years of enjoyment. We guide you along your journey...





With the February cold weather starting to bite, LGA reviewer, Paul Wood, warms up his ears with a look back over his favourite albums of 2016. These are albums which are probably not going to appear on the “popular” mainstream lists of albums of the year, but are albums which we certainly think are worthy of your attention.

Part 4’s album selection is “My Way Home” by Eli “Paperboy” Reed.

For this album (his fifth) Eli “Paperboy” Reed (guitar/vocals) has put together a basic “brass free” band of:

JB Flatt: Organ

Michael Isvara Montgomery: Bass

Noah James Rubin: Drums

Loren Humphrey: Percussion

The stripped down nature of the band is emphasized in the sound of the album.  Whereas the previous Warner Brothers album “Nights Like This” took the classic Reed ‘60s soul sound and gave it a smooth studio pop/soul polish, this album (on independent label Yep Roc) is a real throwback to his gospel/soul/R’n’B roots.Eli My Way Home 2

The sound throughout is reminiscent of the 60s analogue age, it’s as if the polished digital era had never been invented and the sound is all the better for it. The whole album has an authenticity which would just simply have been lost with a more polished production.

Reed is on fine form throughout – preachin’ and hollerin’ as if his life depended on it, his gospel/soul vocals backed up with typically fiery Reed guitar.  Opening track “Hold Out” blasts out of the speakers and sets the tempo for his most energetic albums (and one of the best) of his career to date.

2nd cut “Your Sins Will Find You Out” kick-starts with a typical Stax/Steve Cropper burst of short guitar before moving into the main song melody. There’s great guitar throughout this track and it’s immediately followed by the seriously funky “Cut Ya Down”.Eli My Way Home 3

Here’s a link to the official video for “Your Sins Will Find You Out”:

“Movin’” and the album’s title track “My Way Home” both go for a more subtle vocal pleading and the latter could well be the album’s standout track.

Here’s a link to the official video for “My Way Home”:

“Tomorrow’s Not Promised” has a classic 60s soul sound and is the poppiest (in a good way) track on the album.

On the album closer Eli asks “What Have We Done” and the answer, Eli, is to make one seriously good record. It’s well worth giving this album a listen.

Track listing


More details

For more details about Eli “Paperboy” Reed, releases, upcoming dates and appearances etc see:

Album released by, and available from, Yep Roc:

Eli “Paperboy” Reed has toured the UK before and, although no current dates are scheduled here, he’s a great a live act. Go and see him if he comes over to the UK again.

Blast from the past

Here’s a link to the official full band “performance video” for “Come And Get It” (the title track of his 3rd album):

Nashville Diary

The Nashville Diary

LGA’s Country & Bluegrass specialist Luca Serino has been spending some time in Nashville – America’s Live Music Capital! Check out his blog here……

I spent a week in Nashville over the Christmas holidays; this was not my first visit, in fact it was visit number six, so pilgrimage may be more appropriate.

I could write at length about Nashville as the ideal city without ever mentioning music: excellent (and reasonably priced) food, beautiful neighbourhoods (also reasonably priced, for now, if you ever think of moving), friendly locals with a soothing accent, an unintimidating skyline and a maximum commute of 15 minute anywhere within the city.

Oh, and I had a life changing guitar lesson with Chris Eldridge of the Punch Brothers and fellow Tony Rice disciple, but that deserves its own chapter in the diary so will tell you about it next time.

But Nashville is Music City, USA and my enduring memories of the city the music: almost every musician I have heard there I would consider somewhere between ‘the next big thing’ and simply world class.

Nashville Diary

Nashville Diary

Here are some the highlights of what I heard (and saw):

Part 1 – Dan Donato and the Cosmic Country Band 

After dipping in and out of a few honky tonks on Broadway, all with excellent live music, we landed on ‘the one’ – Nudies – where the ‘Cosmic Country Band’ were playing a mix of Elvis, Johnny Cash and other classics. The band featured Dan Donato on guitar who consistently blew away even the most jaded listeners on Broadway (doormen in their 70s wearing large brim Stetsons who look a lot like Bill Monroe). 

Listening to him reminded me of the difference between a virtuoso and a real pro – taste, restraint and groove – he could shred better than almost anyone I’ve seen but also did so at the appropriate time; more importantly his rhythm was impeccable and he did not waste a single note.

I looked Dan up afterwards and he is all over the web – Guitar Player Magazine calls him the new “Master of Telecaster”:

Oh, and he mentioned that they play at Nudie’s for 4 hours, 3 days a week – that’s how the Beatles got their chops while in Hamburg!

Anwyway, enough talking, here’s the music:

London Guitar Academy Nashville Diary

London Guitar Academy

The London Guitar Academy is London’s only dedicated Rock Pop and Blues guitar school specialising in one to one guitar tuition in either electric or acoustic guitar.

Each lesson is tailored to suit each students individual taste and ability; offering a fresh and innovative approach to learning the guitar.

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