Tips To Write Great Songs

5 tips to write great songs

Playing guitar can give a lot of satisfaction, one of which is the beauty of singing your own songs. You certainly have a favourite music genre or artist; why don’t you get some inspiration from them and try to write a song with your guitar?

If you’re thinking  “I’ve never done such a thing, where do I start?”, don’t worry. We are here to give you 5 useful tips to become a great songwriter. Are you ready? 

5 tips to write great songs

5 tips to write great songs

Well, take out a pen and paper and start to draft a melody and a lyrics!

1) Analyse the structure of the songs you like

What do you like of the songs you love? When writing a song, you can consider the particular structure of the chords. For example, there can be a modulation in key from A major to C major.

Or also, you can reproduce the common scheme of pop songs with the movement of verses and chorus and a final bridge. Give the song a preliminary structure in order to have a guideline for the next steps.

2) What is your song about?

Songs usually tell a story o express a state of mind. Think of what your song could be about. Is it something that happened to you? Or do you just want to describe the beautiful landscape outside your window?

Use your imagination and tell your story with your own word. Then, try to put them in music. The melody usually reflects the mood of the song but there’s no limit to fantasy, so be creative!

3) Choose a key

The first thing you should do when writing the music is to choose a key. It could be the one prefer or the one you’re the most comfortable with. 

Listen how the song sounds like and maybe have a friend listen do it. Do you like it? Or does it need more? If so, experiment and play it in a different key or with a faster/lower rhythm. You could never imagine how a song can improve by changing simple details!

4) Remember to take notes

No rush: every song is different, some take an hour to be completed, some need more time! The most important thing is not to feel frustrated when you don’t have good ideas.

Try instead to be prepared for inspiration: the best guitar riff could come to your mind in every moment! Always keep a notebook with you and don’t forget to recorder and save on your computer every idea which seems good to you.

5) Keep playing and singing your song

Remember that a great song always gives emotion. The more you play and sing it, the more your song will reveal something new. You could discover new meanings you didn’t think of. Also, you could find new ideas to improve the song and make it memorable!

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of guitar and see how beautiful is to write your own songs with this instrument.

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