Stay Motivated When Practising Guitar 

6 Ways to Stay Motivated When Practising Guitar 

Have you had your first guitar lesson? Does everything seem new to you? Well, it’s perfectly normal!

Learning to play guitar can be difficult at the beginning. I mean, managing chords, putting your hand in the correct position, reading music… Doing all this at once could be a hard work, especially if you’re a complete beginner.

And if life’s commitments such as job and school occur too, you could be tempted to give up.

Don’t worry and don’t feel discouraged: here are 6 simple ways to stay motivated when practising guitar. Following these tips you will soon become an excellent guitarist ready to perform on stage.

Stay Motivated When Practising Guitar

Stay Motivated When Practising Guitar

How to Become an Outstanding Guitarist

1) Set doable goals

Why did you decide to have guitar lessons? Are you studying to reach a degree? Or you do just for fun? Whichever is your reason, do not pretend to overdo. Set one goal at a time according to your needs, time and skills and try to stick to that.

It could be learning a chord until it goes perfectly, or focusing on guitar riffs half an hour a day. Small goals don’t take much time but allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment and a desire to learn more.

2) Reward yourself for each progress 

It’s nice to see how good you’re getting at playing. So, why don’t you treat yourself to a small gift to keep your motivation? Let’s see some ideas:

  • A live concert of your favorite rock band
  • A trip to the local street market looking for old LPs
  • A new guitar case to replace the old, consumed one

3) Share your passion

Sometimes people make a bad use of social networks. However, if there’s one thing that new technologies have brought, is the fact of allowing people far from each other to talk about their passion.

You can join a FB group, start to write a blog about guitar… You will certainly meet new online friends with your same love for music and exchange tips with them.

4) Listen as much music as you can

Practising everyday is important but too many exercises can be boring sometimes and seem an end to themselves. 

When you feel that your motivation is going off, listen to music. Go through the different music genres and see how many songs you would be able to play… if only you did one more exercise!

5) Just ask!!

If you don’t feel good enough despite you efforts, you may have the tendency to shut down for frustration.

This is a big mistake! Your guitar teacher is there to help you, son don’t hesitate to ask him/her what you can do to improve. Ovecoming your difficulties will make you little by little a great musician.

6) Remember your love for guitar

You wouldn’t have picked up a guitar if you hadn’t a real passion for this music instrument. So, keep this in mind everytime you would rather watch boring documentaries on TV than pressing your fingers on those strings again. 

Are you still demotivated? We’re sure you’re not!

So, contact us and come practising guitar at our studio in London!