The Art of Practicing

The Art of Practicing Guitar

Set the same time aside everyday. Learn things the right way, in the right order and you will optimise every practice session to the full. Try and capture the feeling of the joy you will get when you can play to your optimum every time you perform. You need to give time to your playing ensuring you feel comfortable on your instrument at all times. Most of all never give up. Practicing slowly is the key to success!

Bolster your practice skills by practicing new material that will enhance your skills.

Always keep the spirit of a beginner.  Choose to play a few things really well, and you will become an expert in your chosen style. Know, express yourself so that you you can tap into your emotions. Be sincere and authentic, and play from your heart. The image of you playing that song you really love will really help you focus on the skills you are trying to develop. Believe in yourself, believe in your music, and always give your absolute best at all times.

The Art of Practicing

The Art of Practicing

Create Additional Effective Lines with Scale to Chord Vision

Learn contrasting ways of viewing scales, chords, modes and arpeggios this will open up new horizons for musical exploration and bolster your fretboard vision. Once you have a grasp on the basic technique keep working till it becomes second nature and you can do it in your sleep. A good guitar practice routine involves reinforcing known skills, pushing yourself to the limit of your concentration.

Build Incredible Fretboard Co-ordination

Developing Coordination, Dexterity and Speed on the guitar is the name of the game and with every structured practice session you are one step closer to reaching “perfection”. Use the exercise to warm up and make it a regular part of your guitar practice routine. Start slow and accurately and  bursting fast shredding speed will happen naturally.

  • Learn the music slow and then gradually speed up

  • Play the chromatic warmups emphasising each fretted note

  • Learn how to manage your practice time

  • Practice things you struggle with

  • Use a metronome marking the tempo’s for consistency

  • Play everyday. Make time for yourself to play

  • Only speed up when you got it right

  • Use a medium-to-heavy pick, and play just on its tip for accuracy and speed

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