Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar has never been easier

Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar

It’s safe to say times are tough. Social distancing has muddled our schedules and left us with time on our hands and not a lot do, and that can feel frustrating.

We customise lessons to fit the learning style of each individual student

We’re here to help. People all over the country are already taken advantage of online guitar lessons, and seeing huge results in return. 

Our Academy offers a range of online courses, spanning across multiple instruments taught by a team of specialised tutors. You can start your musical journey from the comfort of your home.

Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger. It’s never been easier to interact with hundreds of qualified tutors who can help you develop a new skill. 

Studies have shown that online guitar lessons are actually a more effective style of teaching. The student spends less time socializing and more time playing and showing off their moves. So you’ll see results quicker!

We offer lessons for all age ranges, and our tutors still provide worksheets for their students. Our tutors can even record the lessons, and add them to the weekly email so you can watch back in your own time! 

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