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Walthamstow Guitar Academy

East London Guitar Academy are highly experienced instructors teaching adults, teenagers & children in Walthamstow and are adept at teaching technique, reading, basic and advanced musicianship, business approaches, musical form, dynamics and much more .Our first priority is giving the best musical education possible to East London. Guitar Lessons London teach many styles: blues, classic rock, modern rock, pop, alternative, heavy metal, punk, jazz, country, jamming, improvisation, composition, songwriting, acoustic, folk, and more.

Walthamstow Guitar Lessons Guitar E17

Walthamstow Guitar Lessons Guitar E17


We specialise in private music lessons for ALL AGES and personalities! Guitar Lessons Walthamstow will customize a method based on your musical goals, whether you want to strum songs around the camp fire, learn to sing and play, write songs, shred, improvise, or learn about scales and theory.

Walthamstow Guitar Academy

Walthamstow Guitar Academy

Our atmosphere is unlike any other. We are family oriented, there is always laughter and fun, and we put our clients first. Guitar Lessons in Walthamstow also hold free monthly jam sessions for students to come and perform songs and play guitar in a low pressure, fun environment! We also have guitar programs available for very young children.

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Johnny Marr plays 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' for first time in 25 years

The performance was recorded by NME as part of the Song Stories series and shows Marr talking about how he came to own the guitar he eventually wrote The Smiths’ most memorable songs on. “I got this guitar on January 2, 1984 because a few weeks earlier when The Smiths were going to sign to Sire Records, Seymour Stein took us out to dinner to wine and dine us. He was telling me about when he took Brian Jones to New York to get a guitar so I saw my opportunity. I said to him, ‘If you take me to get a guitar in New York we’ll sign to your record label.’ In a moment of weakness he said, ‘Sure’ and true to his word, although I had to wait around all day, he took me over to 48th street in New York and I got the guitar.”
Read more at http://www.nme.com/news/the-smiths/68704#qGK9x28GVAvejkz0.99

“I’ve not played this song in 25 years,” Marr says shortly before playing the chords which comprise the song. “So, if I screw it up… you try playing it after 25 years.”


Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” is a single by The Smiths that reached #10 on the UK Singles Chart in June 1984[3] before its inclusion on the compilation albumHatful of Hollow. It is listed as one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.


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Johnny Marr Guitar Great

The thing that always gets me about Jonny Marr is he left the Smiths when he was Twenty One! Jonny’s  got some seriously musically inflammable fuel in his tank! I’ve always been a big fan of his since i heard the early Rough Trade releases.My younger brother was a little bit ahead of his time and he was bang on the Smiths from day one.I clearly remember buying Hatful of Hollow in Probe Records Liverpool off this weird dude with bones around his neck & dreadlocks (Pete Burns) the Dead or Alive Frontman.Johnny’s sound was pretty unique for the time when he came along and along with The Edge,Will Sergeant (Echo and The Bunnymen ) & Roddy Frame of Aztec Camera Fame he was a shining light of the guitar in the 80’s. At London Guitar Academy we love Johnny for his melody,chord use & most of all the great songs he’s contributed to! Plus he drove Noel Gallagher from a flegling Oasis to by a guitar from Musicground in Doncaster the same place i drove to from Cheshire to buy my first Les Paul.So nice one Johnny & THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION & JANGLE.

Sixteen clumsy & shy i went to London & i…….. bought a Guild Twelve string & got the best job in the WORLD! I sit in a huge Loft Space on LONSDALE ROAD  all day play my guitar with the best people in London.Every guitar student i see wants to be there….So life is GOOD!! It’s true GUITAR LESSONS LONDON @ London’s HOME OF GUITAR TUITION… the LONDON GUITAR ACADEMY!

Johnny Marr London Guitar Lessons GUITAR GREAT !
Johnny Marr is an English musician and songwriter. Marr rose to fame in the 1980s as the guitarist in The Smiths, with whom he formed a prolific songwriting partnership with Morrissey. Marr has been a member of Electronic, The The, and Modest Mouse. Wikipedia
Born: October 31, 1963 (age 49), Manchester
Height: 1.73 m
SpouseAngie Marr (m. 1986)


  • Love music play guitar @ LONDON GUITAR ACADEMY


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Johnny Marr On Why The Guitar Means Everything


Playing the guitar means always having something cool to do. It means having ambitions to be a rock star, escaping your life, or just learning to play your favourite songs. It means having fun – because you really don’t need to be able to read music or have lessons to do it pretty well – and it means buying a strap and making sure it’s the correct length so it looks right and feels comfortable. But mainly so it looks right.

Playing the guitar means forming a band with your mates and having your own thing, and it means struggle, on your own with sore fingers for two weeks, or with your band in little pubs, clubs and vans around the country until something happens or you give up. Playing the guitar means meeting new people and making new friends, it means staying up late, and showing off, and it means being able to express yourself, often at very high volume. Playing the guitar means fixating on a particular model or make you dream about getting but can’t afford. It means dressing up, and impressing some girls and impressing some boys. It means having a laugh, or disagreements over bits of songs or the direction of the group or the cover of the record, and it means feeling so happy about a riff or a song that you want the world to hear it that minute.

Playing the guitar means never being alone with nothing to do. It means strumming for fun, or going further and further into amazing territory and a lifetime of discovery and discipline, or just taking up a hobby that gives you a bit pleasure and a sense of achievement. Playing the guitar means everything. Know what I mean?

Johnny Marr, formerly of the Smiths

Johnny Marr

London Guitar Academy

The London Guitar Academy is London’s only dedicated Rock Pop and Blues guitar school specialising in one to one guitar tuition in either electric or acoustic guitar.

Each lesson is tailored to suit each students individual taste and ability; offering a fresh and innovative approach to learning the guitar.

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