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  • Guitar Lessons LondonThe goal of the GUITAR LESSONS from LONDON GUITAR ACADEMY is to help create a versatile, capable, and knowledgeable musician out of a student.


    Guitar Lessons London for beginners starts with learning the fundamentals of proper techniques and learning the notes, eventually progressing towards finger-picking and classical training.  Students can concentrate on any style of play from basic blues and rock to advanced metal and fusion if they have more specific goals in mind.  There is plenty of “out of the book” learning as we break down and figure out songs that you are interested in playing; Just bring in a recording of anything (including music without any guitar at all), and it will be written down in a way that you can understand and learn.We’re going to take the best approach to learning guitar. Adults; you’ll get a whole-lotta knowledge to develop your skills fast & fun-like; Guitar Lessons London always using creative analogies and scientific ideas, and doing research so London Guitar Academy can help you do more, faster, better. We’ll turn you into an all-around ace guitarist; you’ll be able to handle whatever gets thrown at you. Parents; Your kids take center stages as we work together to create a natural, nurturing, and positive learning environment where they can thrive.









Investing time at London Guitar Academy will leave you with the ability to:



Our music academy specialises in private music instruction with lessons individually tailored to meet each student’s and level of experience, beginner to advanced. We offer unique programs in, guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, voice lessons songwriting lessons and studio recording workshops.

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