Great 2016 Albums You May Have Missed PART 3


With 2017 emerging from the Christmas/New Year festivities, LGA reviewer, Paul Wood, continues to cast his eyes (and ears) over his albums of 2016. These are albums which are probably not going to appear on the “popular” mainstream music journals’ list of albums of the year, but which we certainly think are worthy of your attention.

LGA Album Review

LGA Album Review

Third off the block is “Hellbound Hymns” by The Urban Voodoo Machine – the capital’s finest purveyors of Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’N’Stroll!

For the album (their fourth) the band comprised:


Paul-Romney Angel                                     – Lead vocals, guitar

Nick Marsh (RIP)                                         – Guitar, vocals

Slim                                                               – Accordion, Piano

George “Le Boner” Simmonds                 – Trombone, vocals

Lucifire                                                         – Saxophone, vocals (and outrageous screams!)

Joe “Mongo” Whitney                               – Bouzouki, washboard

The Reverend Gavin Smith                      – Upright bass

Anne Angel                                                 – Sousaphone

The Late-J-Roni-Moe,                                 -Drums

Jary                                                               – Drums

Sadly, guitarist Nick Marsh succumbed to cancer before the album was released, and with the earlier death of fiddle player Rob “The Kid” Skipper there’s an undoubted melancholic feel and sadness to some of the songs. But this being , you also get their trademark ramshackle “band of brothers” sing along sea shanties, death ballads, good old rock’n’roll and gypsy blues bop’n’stroll. It’s one of their best albums so far and well worth a listen (and purchase!)

Great Albums

Great Albums



urban voodoo pic 3

Here’s a link to the Youtube video uploaded by the band for album track “Fallen Brothers”

It’s a great song and the video is a real example of what you get when you see the band live. Their show is a total “where do I look now experience”, band leader Paul-Romney Angel dominates centre stage but everywhere around him the rest of the band are eye-poppers too!

Although renowned for their stage shows, this album shows that they have the songs and lyrics to be more than just a great live band.  The track “Baby’s Turning Blue” – about a young couple with dreams who fall victim to their drug addiction – is one of the saddest songs you’ll ever hear. “While You Were Asleep” mixes Fagin from “Oliver Twist” with the sounds of the Circus and emerges as a warning against the politicians and large corporate entities who are taking over “while we are all asleep”.

Here’s a link to the Youtube video uploaded by the band for a live version of rumbustious album track “Rusty Water and Coffin Nails”.

Buy the album and go see the band live if you can.

Track listing

1. While We Were All Asleep 2:10
2. Love And Addiction 3:19
3. Shattered Dreams  3:34
4. Hit The Road Rag 2:12
5. The Ghost From My Bastard Past 2:57
6. Bucket Of Blood 4:41
7. Baby’s Turning Blue 4:40
8. All Mixed Up 4:49
9. Let You Rot 2:39
10. Rusty Water & Coffin Nails 3:53
11. Destiny Angel 3:50
12. Fallen Brothers 4:27
13. Lullabye 2:22

More details

There’s a live “Valentine” show coming up in London on Saturday 4 February, (“Vive Le Valentine”) at The Dome in  London

For more details of the band and other upcoming dates etc see:

Album released by and available from Gypsy Hotel Records on CD and Vinyl: