Back in London town last month for the first time in 20 years, Marshall Crenshaw played a full set at the Jazz cafe and London Guitar Academy gig reviewer, Paul Wood was on hand to report back on what he heard.



This London date was pretty much a “one off” gig rather than European tour – no other dates in Europe being played alongside this. As a result, the band used on the night had a slightly “put together” feel. This actually gave the show a real live feel and you could see the band following signals from Marshall Crenshaw in terms of set list, endings and solos etc. The band itself was a fine set of musicians who were able to go with the flow of the evening, and comprised:

Neill MacColl – guitar (“the legendary Neill MacColl” as introduced by Marshall Crenshaw)  an electric/folk guitarist who has previously worked with Dave Gilmour and k.d.Lang, amongst numerous others

Michael Blair – drums (a long time Crenshaw associate) who had flown in from Sweden for the gig

Henrik (Irgens) – bass (“the man only known as Henrik” when introduced by Crenshaw) – a Danish bass player based out of the UK (and a solo artist in his own right)

The assembled crowd was an appreciative group of Crenshaw devotees, some of whom had travelled quite a distance for the gig. The show wasn’t a sell out (the upstairs restaurant area was closed) but those present greeted each song from the Crenshaw set list with shouts of recognition at the beginning, and appreciative cheers at the end, of each song.

As Crenshaw explained on stage, the band had really just been put in place for this gig, each of the band members had been “cramming for the last 2 weeks to learn the songs in time for the show” and they had only one full band rehearsal the day before.

“There She Goes Again” was the perfect opener – it’s one of the best (and most well known) songs in the Crenshaw canon. Here’s a link to the album version:

The set list mixed old and more recent classics, as well as featuring his new 3 song EP. “Move Now”.

Here’s a link to a live clip of Marshall Crenshaw playing “Someone Told Me” (described by Crenshaw as his “Dick Cheney song”) from his 2009 album “Jaggedland”