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Teaching a child to play guitar can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both the student and the teacher and pupil. London Guitar Academy students feel like rock stars, and still get all the academic benefits that music provides. London Kids Guitar Lessons specialises in teaching guitar lessons to children.Children with genuine interest in music will love our […]

We love working with beginners and getting them off to the best start possible. London Guitar Academy offers the the  best and easiest beginner guitar lessons in London. Love Music Play Guitar @ The London Guitar Academy London’s local music school. BEGINNER GUITAR LESSONS LONDON – GUITAR LESSONS FOR BEGINNERS We love teaching beginners and have been teaching privately […]

GUITAR LESSONS FOR KIDS IN LONDON Does your child enjoy music? Does he, or she, like to sing around the house? Have they ever expressed an interest in learning to play the guitar?Guitar Lessons For Kids and Teenagers in Queen’s Park, London can help them love the gift of music London Guitar Lessons specialises in teaching guitar […]

CHRISTMAS GUITAR LESSONS A  huge thank you for visiting Queen’s Park Based London Guitar Academy the go to destination for guitar players of all levels in London. Are you looking to buy a Unique and Creative Gift for your friend,partner, husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend? TRY ONE OF OUR AMAZING GIFT VOUCHERS AS A FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS PRESENT […]

Learning Guitar – Lesson One – Learning Basic Chords Guitar Lessons for Beginners London Guitar Lessons @ London Guitar Academy London’s Local Music School. Love Music Play Guitar @ London Guitar Academy Beginners Welcome Call James 07957 230 354 Start Learning Guitar Learning Guitar  Easy Guide to Playing Guitar Learning to Play Guitar  Seventh Chords, Barre […]

LONDON GUITAR ACADEMY Power Chord In guitar music, a power chord  Play  (also fifth chord) is a chord that consists of the root note and the fifth interval. Power chords are played on amplified guitars, especially on electric guitar with distortion. Power chords are a key element of many styles of rock music. Rock Guitar Lessons @ London Guitar Academy London’s friendliest guitar school Call James 07957 230 354  to discuss all things guitar. […]

The power of the guitar.Play music love life @ London Guitar Academy.London’s local guitar school. Bring’s back many happy memories and shows the positive Joy music brings to all our lives. The power of the guitar.Play music love life @ London Guitar Academy.London’s local guitar school.London Guitar Lessons @ London Guitar Academy. LINKS Facebook Tumblr […]

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November 27, 2012


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Never picked up a guitar? Don’t know where to go next with your playing? My Guitar lessons are one to one and personalised to what you want to learn, whatever age, whatever ability.London Guitar Tuition @ London Guitar Academy. Guitar Lessons in LONDON Learn guitar in an exciting way using the songs and artists you […]

At London Guitar Academy we aim for you to start playing and performing Rock music to a high level of professionalism straight from lesson one. We provide highest quality tuition in Guitar, Bass, and Music Technology.Learn to play guitar in a enjoyably,easy and professional way. London Guitar Lessons @ London Guitar Academy  for acoustic and electric rock guitar. LINKS Facebook […]