Richard Hawley played two special evening dates this month in the rather spectacular venue of the Devil’s Arse Cavern in Castleton. The cavern is basically the underground opening to the Peak Cavern, one of Castleton’s famous underground caverns. The Caverns are normally open to the public for walks underground but had been temporarily converted for this purpose to a music venue with temporary seating and a bar.



Your LGA reviewer Paul Wood donned his Parka coat and walking boots and was there to witness the first of the two nights on the 28th April.

Neil McSweeney was the opening act on the Friday night –I’d say it was his job to “warm up” the audience but the temperature was dropping pretty fast! His 40 minute set of self compositions was well received.

Richard Hawley Devils Cave

Richard Hawley Devils Cave

Hawley took to the stage to what was almost a “home crowd” (you can catch the bus from Sheffield to Castleton) and it’s clear that everyone there was a Hawley fan.  Opening songs “As The Dawn Breaks” and “Ashes on the Fire” set up the typical Hawley concert experience, strong voice, melody and excellent guitar sounds. An up tempo “Tonight The Streets Are Ours” followed, before which Hawley quipped “if you think I’ve put on weight it’s because I’m wearing 50 layers!”

The intricate “Standing At The Skys Edge” had Hawley saying how difficult it was to keep the 12 string in tune under these temperatures and then Clive Miller was brought out to join the onstage band to add tasteful harmonica to “Nothing Like A Friend”.

Richard Hawley Devils Cave pic

Richard Hawley Devils Cave pic

Here’s a link to the official video for “Nothing Like A Friend”

The rest of the onstage band were long time Hawley cohorts Shez Sheridan and Jon Trier with an occasional drum machine added to give some of the songs a rhythm boost.

Here’s a link to the official video for “Tuesday PM” featuring Shez Sheridan and Jon Trier.

Closing song of the set was a rather aptly titled “The Nights Are Cold” before the band came back for a 3 song encore. Hawley dedicated the final song (a cover of Lee Hazelwood’s “Son Of A Gun”) to his father and grandfather who had first brought him to the Peak Cavern just over 50 years ago in 1976.

Here’s a link to live footage of Richard playing “Son OF A Gun” from the Union Chapel earlier this year

The whole Devils Arse show was recorded by liveherenow and CD recordings of the concert were ready and available for purchase as you left the show.


Richard Hawley – guitar, vocals

Shez Sheridan – guitar, backing vocals

Jon Trier – keyboards

Clive Miller –harmonica (selected tracks)

The Drum Machine


  1. As The Dawn Breaks
  2. Ashes On The Fire
  3. Tonight The Streets Are Ours
  4. Standing At The Sky’s Edge
  5. Nothing Like A Friend
  6. Tuesday PM
  7. Remorse Code
  8. Leave Your Body Behind You
  9. Just Like The Rain
  10. For Your Lover Give Some Time
  11. The Nights Are Cold


  1. Heart of Oak
  2. What Love Means
  3. Son Of A Gun (Lee Hazelwood cover)


To give you a flavor of the unique atmosphere at the Cavern, here’s a link to video footage of Richard playing “Just Like The Rain” live at the Devil’s Arse Cavern at an earlier show in 2008

Richard Hawley


Last month saw Richard Hawley touring Europe to promote his latest album “Hollow Meadows”. Our LGA gig reviewer, Paul Wood, was on hand to see one of the final nights of the UK leg of his tour at the Roundhouse in London.



“Hollow Meadows” is Hawley’s 8th studio album and the evening’s show is predominantly based around the new album and its predecessor “Standing At The Sky’s Edge” interspersed with a few Hawley “classics”.

Hawley’s recent albums have gone for a more expansive (and at times psychedelic) sound with emphasis on his undoubted talents on guitar. The live set is therefore an interesting mixture of guitar based songs alongside the gentle ballads on material such as “Coles Corner” with which he came to national prominence.

The mixture works well and Hawley has an on stage line of patter which moves through being funny, self-deprecating and poignant. The Roundhouse gig included a one minute silence for Remembrance Sunday which was impeccably observed by the audience.

Here’s a link to the Richard Hawley official site where you will find videos for the rather gorgeous new song “I Still Want You” (the opening track on the new album) and the menacing guitar sound of “Which Way” (which opened the Roundhouse show)

Both new and old songs are greeted with appreciation from the full Roundhouse crowd and the band come back for an encore with breakthrough song “Coles Corner”, new song “What Love Means” (the closing track on “Hollow Meadows”) and the trademark guitar tour de force finish of “The Ocean”

Here’s a link to Youtube footage of “The Ocean” filmed in Paris on the current tour. LGA students and followers should check out Hawley’s guitar build up on his trademark Gretsch guitar which starts from 5.00 in:

Further dates have been added for Richard in the UK for February and he’s well worth catching live.  He is scheduled for an appearance in London at the Eventim (Hammersmith) Apollo on 23 February.



  1. Which Way
  2. Tonight the Streets Are Ours
  3. Standing at the Sky’s Edge
  4. I Still Want You
  5. Leave Your Body Behind You
  6. Sometimes I Feel
  7. Open Up Your Door
  8. Tuesday pm
  9. Time Will Bring You Winter
  10. Down in the Woods
  11. Don’t Stare at the Sun
  12. Heart of Oak
  13. There’s a Storm Comin’


  1. Coles Corner
  2. What Love Means
  3. The Ocean

Blast From The Past

Here’s video footage of the Longpigs (featuring a young Richard Hawley on guitar) from TFI Friday performing “Lost Myself” in 1996:

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