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No 1 in the London Guitar Academy series ‘Ten famous guitarists from London’ Brian May by Terry Relph-Knight Brian Harold May (born 19/07/47 in Hampton, Middlesex) is one of the most famous guitarists in the world, having played with the massively successful band “Queen” for the majority of his career. He is of particular interest to […]

GUITAR LESSONS LONDON‘S  FRIEND PAUL WOOD IN WITH A STORMING ADDITION IN OUR BRILLIANT SERIES OF FAVOURITE GUITARISTS…..THIS TIME ITS EDDIE COCHRAN One of the classic early rock’n’roll guitarists, Eddie Cochran had only a  4 year period in the spotlight  to create and cement his trademark sound, which still continues to be relevant today.  Just […]

FAVOURITE GUITARISTS – CYRIL JORDAN London Guitar Academy‘s  Paul Wood delights us with the second in his series of FAVOURITE GUITARISTS Learning to play guitar by listening to his favourite British Invasion singles of the early 60s, Cyril Jordan is a founding member of San Francisco’s legendary Flamin’ Groovies. A band that seemed to be permanently […]