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 Turning scales into solos Scales are an essential tool for any guitar player, as they provide the foundation for playing solos and improvising. Scales are a series of notes played in a specific order, and when combined with other techniques such as bends, slides, and vibrato, they can be transformed into creative and expressive solos. […]

Electric Guitar Techniques to Enhance your musicality Do you feel like a rocker? Are you dreaming to perform on a big stage wearing your leather jacket? Electric guitar is the perfect music instrument for you! Just think about it: electric guitar allows you to have the same sense of freedom of a classic guitar but with a […]

Acoustic Techniques: How to Rock Unplugged Ah the acoustic guitar: a campfires best friend. Servant to the troubadour, and sufferer of the Wonderwall covers. Its safe to say that acoustic guitar certainly has a lot of negative press going for it. Well not necessarily negative, just not cool. The electric guitar has chunky riffs, picks […]