“To Find The Spirit” is the recently released album from the Midland’s based, seven piece band, Stone Foundation

Check out the band’s official website:

The album has been getting strong reviews since its release on March 10 – making number 1 on the Amazon UK Soul and Funk chart and a highly creditable number 80 in the UK album charts.

Check out the official video (a mini-film shot by Lee Cogswell) for title track “To Find The Spirit”:

The band’s influences are clearly numerous but the best idea of their sound is to imagine a melting pot of Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Van Morrison, Mod/Northern Soul and the US guitar/brass deep soul sound of the 60s.

Despite the influences the band has stirred this altogether into its own sound and clearly has its own view on what it is trying to do. The new album has a strong selection of up-tempo and/or strong/catchy numbers but they’re also not afraid to include the jazzy atmospheric “Telepathic Blessing” and a spoken word number “Child Of Wonder” (with guest Paolo Hewitt). Live stomper “Don’t Let The Rain” has a strong bass part which is ably suited to the Dennis Bovell Dub mix on the CD version

Here’s the official video for the first single from the album: “That’s The Way I Want To Live My Life”

The band has been steadily building up a sizeable live fan base. They’ve previously toured with The Specials and last year they played a mini-tour with Northern Soul legend, Nolan Porter (“Keep On Keepin’ On”, and “If I Could Only be Sure”), including incendiary live shows in Leicester and London.

Here’s a live clip with Nolan Porter and Stone Foundation doing Nolan’s song “Fe Fi Fo Fum”:

The band is super tight, has a good front man/vocalist/guitarist and in their live shows the whole band play their part on stage from a visual perspective. You can see the whole room light up in smiles when the three piece brass section kick ins!

stone foundation 4

stone foundation 4

The band has stepped up a gear in 2014 they’ve already done  a short tour in Japan, played UK support dates with The Selecter, and released the new album.

Here’s live clip of the band playing album track “Hold On”:

Buy the album and catch them live.

Recommended listening for London Guitar Academy students

Check out the classic 60s US soul rhythm guitar and licks from Neil Jones on “That’s The Way I Want To Live My Life”

Useful facts:

The album cover is a painting by Horace Panter (Specials).

The album is out on vinyl and CD.  The vinyl version comes with a plain (disc only) copy of the CD.  The CD version of the album includes an extra track – the Denis Bovell Dub remix of “Don’t Let The Rain”

Upcoming live dates in the London area include:

4 May – Modfest (Brighton)

17 May – Under The Bridge (Chelsea) (support to The Blow Monkeys)

6 June – Prince Albert (Brighton)

Full track listing:

  1. To Find The Spirit
  2. Bring Back The Happiness
  3. That’s The Way I Want To Live My Life
  4. When You’re In My World
  5. Stronger Than Us
  6. Don’t Let The Rain
  7. Crazy Love
  8. Telepathic Blessing
  9. Hold On

10. Child Of Wonder

11. Wondrous Place

12. Don’t Let The Rain (Denis Bovell Dub Mix) (CD only)

Blast from the Past

Here’s the Nolan Porter 1972 45rpm version of “If I Could Only Be Sure”