One-on-One private guitar lessons in your London home

1. One-on-One private guitar lessons in your London home : 
Beginner guitar lessons to intermediate guitar lessons to advanced guitar lessons, ages 14 & up, all styles & genres of music including rock guitar lessons, jazz guitar lessons, country guitar lessons, blues guitar lessons, classical guitar lessons, and more…


One-on-One private guitar lessons in your London home

~ Be empowered through one-on-one guitar lessons

~ Expand your possibilities as a guitarist & musician with a personalised curriculum 

~ Learn how to absorb more material at a deeper level in a shorter amount of time 

~ Practice guitar effectively with an accelerated goal oriented approach: 

  • Increase your motivation 
  • Sharpen your focus & concentration 
  • Utilise proven time management skills
  • Improve your technique through total body awareness
  • Integrate all aspects of real-life musicianship skills