Notting Hill Gate Guitar Lesson | High Street Kensington Guitar Teacher | London Guitar Lessons Zones 1-6

Guitar Lessons London work hard to keep students of all ages and levels inspired and growing as guitarists and musicians.  We have students of all ages and abilities – from the young beginner just starting to the experienced player looking to learn new styles and techniques. Guitar Lessons London teaches with a method that not only imparts on the student how to play the guitar but how to play it musically.

Styles taught:

  •    Flamenco
  •    Brazilian Samba and Bossa Nova
  •    Classical
  •    Blues
  •    Rock
  •    Latin Guitar
  •    Fingerstyle
  •    Electric and Acoustic

Guitar Lessons London teaches with care and patience. Lessons are individualised to what the student wants to learn.  The importance of practice routines andhow to practice are taught – leading to musical advancement and understanding by the student.  Music theory and music notation (reading music) can also be taught.

Lessons are always fun and relaxed.


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