Guitar Lessons Belgravia

Belgravia Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons London Electric and Acoustic All Levels Accepted – Beginner to Advanced.Learn to Play the Music You Love.Specialising in Rock,Pop, Folk,Jazz, Blues, and related styles. LEARN YOUR FAVOURITE SONGS IN LONDON

Imagine being the guitar player and musician you’ve always wanted to be. Picture yourself being able to impress your friends and family by playing your favorite songs, improvising a great solo, or even writing and recording your own music. With the guidance of an experienced teacher, however, learning to play the guitar is MUCH easier and a lot more fun.

Guitar Lessons London Knightsbridge Belgravia SW1X, SW3, SW7

Guitar Lessons London Knightsbridge Belgravia SW1X, SW3, SW7

 Belgravia Guitar Lessons London



Belgravia Guitar School

Lessons can include any of the following topics, depending on your goals, priorities, and interests:

  • Learning chords and strumming patterns to play through your favorite songs
  • Rhythm guitar techniques
  • Lead guitar techniques
  • Learning note-for-note riffs, solos, and full songs played just like the original band/artist
  • Learning scales, modes, arpeggios, etc. and how to apply them effectively
  • Developing a vocabulary of lead guitar licks, phrases, etc. to use in your own solos
  • Improvisation and creativity
  • Increasing speed and dexterity
  • Improving your skills with hammer-ons/pull-offs, bends, vibrato, etc.
  • Music theory, ear training, piano skills
  • Improve reading skills in the various notation formats (TAB, standard notation, chord charts)
  • Songwriting, composition, recording studio techniques and preparation
  • Fretboard visualization and how everything fits together
  • Building a stronger sense of time and the crucial skills of playing with other musicians
  • Studying a specific guitar style in depth
  • Studying a famous guitar player’s techniques in depth
  • Preparing for a school or college audition
  • Preparing for a live performance
  • Making audio and/or video recordings of your performances
  • Making music your career
  • Improving your tone/sound
  • Breaking out of the rut of, “I feel like I’m always playing the same ideas!”
  • Training the ability to play guitar while singing
  • And more..


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