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London Guitar Teacher 

The London Guitar Academy seeks to build community through music, opening the door to the creative process for children and adults, regardless of previous training or experience.

London Guitar makes it easy and fun!


With London Guitar Lesson’s, you’ll have fun:

  • Laying down solid rhythms in any style.
  • Mastering the art of groove.
  • Breaking down and understanding the signature traits of your favorite players and songs.
  • Jamming and soloing with melodic fluency.
  • Crafting creative guitar parts that fit when working on any song.
  • Writing songs you can be proud of!
  • Auditioning, recording, and playing live with genuine confidence.
  • Achieving your personal musical goals.

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Styles taught:

  •    Flamenco
  •    Brazilian Samba and Bossa Nova
  •    Classical
  •    Blues
  •    Rock
  •    Latin Guitar
  •    Fingerstyle
  •    Electric and Acoustic