Great Songs and Songwriters

Why we Love Music So Much : Great Songs and Songwriters 

Have you noticed that music is like a magic potion? If you were a teenager in the 80s or 90s, you surely know how it was to turn on the radio, waiting for your favorite song to record it on a tape.

If you are younger, you’re lucky to have all the songs you like available in just a few clicks on Spotify. Anyway, you know what passion for music is.

There are a lot of great songs in music history and some of them are still known nowadays. Have you have ever wondered why “We are the champions” by Queen is still played in every single competition? 

Great songs are not just… songs. They’re something to remember. They’re legend!

Great Songs and Songwriters

Great Songs and Songwriters

A song for each decade

Here is a list of famous songs which marked the history, divided according to the decade they were released in:

70s: “Starman” by David Bowie, “Hotel California” by the Eagles, “Another brick in the wall” by Pink Floyd-

80s: “Every Breath you take” by The Police, “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi”, “Call Me” by Blondie.

90s: “You get what you give” by New Radicals, “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia, “”Wanderwall” by Oasis.

2000s: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Greenday, “Get the Party Started” by Pink, “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay.

These are all beautiful songs and the nice thing is that everyone can have its own legendary musical piece, because songs can be connected with any moment of life.

There’s always a great writer behind a great song

Famous songs wouldn’t be what they are if they had not been created by great songwriters. The ability of putting words and music together is something unique and this is the reason why songs last forever on your mind.

Among all the great songwriters we can obviously mention John Lennon and Bob Dylan, but not only. Even more recent artists such as Eminem or Billie Joe Armstrong wrote memorable tracks.

But why do we love music so much? Here are 3 simple reasons:

1) Music brings back memories

Do you remember that time…? Music is a perfect time machine that takes us to the most beautiful moments of our past.

Your first kiss, a trip you made, a particular day… It takes just a song to bring those moments back to you.

2) Music is a fantastic soundtrack of our lives

Great songs not only involve your past but also your present. Listening to music throughout the day makes our time run fast when we’re doing something boring and makes pleasant activities even more enjoyable.

3) Music fights stress

Last but no least, listening to music is a good idea when you’re feeling nervous or anxious, because it relaxes and gives us the right energy to face life troubles.

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