FaceTime Guitar Lessons

FaceTime & Skype Guitar Lessons

The Easy, Fast and Fun Way to Learn Guitar!

Would you like to learn the guitar but you can’t reach the music studio of your choice? 

No problem! London Guitar Academy offers you the possibility to learn guitar staying at home and sitting comfortably on your sofa. A good option to substitute in-person lessons is FaceTime and Skype.

Both the apps allow you to see your teacher and follow live the lesson, just as you were at school. Also, your teacher can correct your mistakes and you can easily explain to him/her your difficulties to improve your music skills.

FaceTime Guitar Lessons

FaceTime Guitar Lessons

Another big advantage is that you can share files with your teacher: this will help with your practice between one lesson and another.

Also, you can pay online for your lessons, which is convenient. Easy, right?

What do you need?

Having guitar lessons via FaceTime and Skype is super easy and fast because you can do it anywhere and on any device.

All you need is a broadband internet connection, a computer/tablet/smartphone,  and a webcam (if you choose for Skype). You can use the two services on both fix or mobile devices.

FaceTime comes pre-installed in all Mac devices, while Skype needs to be installed and you can use it on both Windows PCs and Macs.

The big advantage of FaceTime is that it is very easy to use, but the con is that it works only on Mac. However, it allows your teacher to send you files directly on your email.

Don’t you have a Mac device or do you just prefer Skype? This app too is perfect for your guitar lessons. After having installed it, you can even connect your tv to your internet device and see your teacher on a wider screen. 

Last but not least, files can be shared directly on the app, without the need to open any other app. 

What can you learn with online guitar lessons?

Even if your teacher and you are in different places, “virtual” guitar tuition via FaceTime or Skype is the same that in-person lessons! 

At Guitar Lessons London we teach online electric guitar, acoustic guitar and classical guitar for all levels, You can learn from the basic chords to the essential techniques and become a good guitarist in the comfort of your home.

Also, tell us what kind of music you like best, we can teach you a lot of different guitar styles:

  • Pop
  • Rock/metal
  • Indie
  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Country

Our guitar tutors are super accessible and you can arrange with them to choose the day, time and frequency for your lessons, according to the availability of them.

You can tell us which is your level, why you would like to learn the guitar… and we will be happy to make custom lessons just for you.

There’s no reason why you can’t become the guitar you’ve always dreamt of only because you can’t attend a music studio!

So, don’t be lazy and contact us to try our guitar lessons via FaceTime, Zoom and Skype!