Easiest Way to Learn Guitar

The Easiest Way to Learn Guitar

Did you ever think of the reason why beautiful songs and guitar riffs are often connected?

It’s simple: the guitar is a musical instrument available to everyone and you can simply learn to play it, no matter what your age is. Yes, like everything else, guitar requires motivation and dedication, but following a few tips, it won’t be long before you start playing your first song.

How to get started? Here is a list of 8 simple suggestions to learn guitar quickly and easily:

1) Choose the right guitar

Once you decided which kind of guitar you’re most interested in (acoustic, electric…), you have to choose the right model. First of all, consider the quality of the instrument: a good guitar is fully adjusted for intonation, playability, and accuracy in tuning. 

Also, check for a guitar of your size: a too bigger one, for example, is not suitable for children. Last but not least, consider the price: if you’re buying your first guitar it’s more convenient for you to seek a good value for money.

The Easiest Way to Learn Guitar

The Easiest Way to Learn Guitar

2) Choose the fastest learning guitar course

There are so many guitar courses out there, but they’re not the same. Choose one not too set on theory, but practise a lot. In this way, you will acquire quickly nimbleness.

3) Learn simple chords

Chords are the basics of guitar and essentially they’re two or more notes played simultaneously in harmony. It takes only a few to start playing. You can be able to play a lot of famous songs just by learning a C major or an A major chord. 

4) Proper fingers drills build muscle memory and speed learning

As said above, practice is the key to learn fast. Once you’ve learned the theory, you should drill your fingers to stay in the correct position and pick the strings properly. In this way, your movements will become more and more automatic, and you should also concentrate on style.

5) Challenge yourself with new stuff

Learning is a never-ending process: there’s always something new to know. Once you feel self-confident with the basics, experiment with playing techniques and new songs. You will always feel motivated to improve your skills and never get bored!

6) Play your music backward

This point seems odd, but it is very useful. You indeed have to gain fluency when you pick strings, but it is also true that learning requires concentration. Playing music backward will help you to focus on notes and be ready for any variation on the sheet music.

7) Make practice easy

Practise a lot but have fun too! Motivation fails if you don’t reward yourself for your progress. Have constant but short practice sessions: in this way learning guitar won’t be hard!

8) Have fun by playing actual songs

 This will help you to set a concrete goal and make you feel like a real guitarist and not just a student.

Do you see how it is easy to learn guitar? At London Guitar Academy we are ready to help you become a good musician, contact us for more information!