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Learn how to play an acoustic guitar with Guitar Lessons London. Playing the acoustic guitar is made much easier with Guitar Lessons London special beginners course .Beginner guitar lessons that show you exactly how to play the acoustic guitar all styles including blues, rock, jazz, folk, technique, aural training

Open E Major Chord Diagram E Major Open Chord
Open A Major Chord Diagram A Major Open Chord
Open D Major Chord Diagram D Major Open Chord
Open G Major Chord Diagram G Major Open Chord
Open C Major Chord Diagram C Major Open Chord

Open Minor Chords

There are three open minor chords: Em, Am, Dm.

Open E Minor Chord Diagram E Minor Open Chord
Open A Minor Chord Diagram A Minor Open Chord
Open D Minor Chord Diagram D Minor Open Chord

The 25 best acoustic songs of all time

All Along the Watchtower – Bob Dylan(George Goodman) guitar & harmonica lessonMrs. Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel (georgiarose16) one guitar arrangementRocky Raccoon – The Beatles (Justin Guitar)

For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield (Totally Guitars)

(George Goodman) guitar & harmonica lesson

Mrs. Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel (georgiarose16) one guitar arrangement

Rocky Raccoon – The Beatles (Justin Guitar)For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield (Totally Guitars)

Yesterday – The Beatles (MLRGuitar)
The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel (Ultimate-Guitar)
Teach Your Children – Crosby, Stills, & Nash (Jam Play)
Across the Universe – The Beatles (Marty Schwartz)
Uncle John’s Band – The Grateful Dead
Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash (Justin Guitar)

Midnight Rider – The Allman Brothers Band (Center Stage Guitar)
Have You Ever Seen the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival (Guitar Tutor Man)
Lola – The Kinks (Marty Schwartz)
Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones (Ultimate-Guitar) standard tuning version
Maggie May – Rod Stewart (Your Guitar Sage)
Working Class Hero – John Lennon (Justin Guitar)
Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin (Lick N Riff)
Take it Easy – The Eagles (Guitar Mix Lesson)
Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed (Mahalo) arranged for guitar
Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie (Bill Sounds)

American Pie – Don McLean (Justin Guitar)
Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard – Paul Simon (Marty Schwartz)
The Joker – Steve Miller Band (Your Guitar Sage)
Heart of Gold – Neil Young (MLR Guitar)
A Horse With No Name – America (Marty Schwartz)
Squeeze Box – The Who (Jam Class)
Ooh La La – The Faces (PrivettRicker)
Tangled Up in Blue – Bob Dylan (Guitar Shack TV)
Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd (Center Stage Guitar)
Landslide – Fleetwood Mac (Mike Gross)

All Apologies – Nirvana (Marty Schwartz)
Night Moves – Bob Seger (Marty Schwartz)
Dust in the Wind – Kansas (Marty Schwartz)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen (Marty Schwartz)
Jack and Diane – John Mellencamp (Marty Schwartz)
Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett (Gizmothing1)
Give a Little Bit – Supertramp (Guitare Tab)
Only the Good Die Young – Billy Joel (kirbyscovers)
My My, Hey Hey – Neil Young (Neil Young Lesson Channel)
Good Riddance – Green Day (Marty Schwartz)

Redemption Song – Bob Marley (Justin Guitar)
Blister in the Sun – The Violent Femmes (Guitar Made EZ)
Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty (Marty Schwartz)
She Talks to Angels – The Black Crowes (Justin Guitar)
Wonderwall – Oasis (Justin Guitar)
Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews Band (Raw Talent Guitar)
Soak Up the Sun – Sheryl Crow (guitarkis49)
Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi (Justin Guitar)
Over the Hills and Far Away – Led Zeppelin (Marty Schwartz)
The Weight – The Band (Marty Schwartz)

beginner guitar songs | beginner guitar lessons | beginner guitar chords | guitar lessons for beginners | acoustic guitar course

beginner guitar songs | beginner guitar lessons | beginner guitar chords | guitar lessons for beginners | acoustic guitar course

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