London Guitar Academy London’s Local Guitar School

London Guitar Academy’s passion for guitar and for helping local London community become great guitar players is a central part of our lives. We are an experienced, patient guitar teachers who provides guidance while working around his students’ wants and needs. Guitar lessons London exist to help aspiring musicians in London to find an outlet through music.

London Guitar Academy London's Local Guitar School

London Guitar Academy London’s Local Guitar School

Our goal is to ignite creativity, nurture talent, and encourage your musical growth. We have taught hundreds of guitar lessons in London to students over the years and have perfected our instruction method, but we still tailor our teaching to support individualised growth. London Guitar Academy provides a personal level of support in your guitar playing you will not find elsewhere.Recitals are also offered throughout the year to give the student the opportunity to showcase their talent  in front of their family and friends. Growth evaluations are given to keep the student updated on their progress every step of the way

Guitar Lessons in London

London Guitar Academy London’s Local Guitar School,Guitar Lessons in London