What makes a great guitar teacher?

Find the right guitar teacher

Are you planning to take guitar lessons? Great idea! Now, the first thing you have to do is to find the right teacher!

A great teacher is important for you to learn how to play guitar properly and to acquire self-confidence with this musical instrument. Here at Guitar Lessons London tutors are fully trained and willing to inspire you.

How a good guitar teacher should be?

What makes a great guitar teacher

What makes a great guitar teacher

5 characteristics every great guitar teacher has…

1) Flexibility A great guitar teacher cares about you and can adapt lessons to your level, age, needs, and personality.

2) Patience Learning guitar can be difficult sometimes, but a great teacher is there to help you to practise. That chord that doesn’t get to you won’t be a problem anymore!

3) Good Organisation A good guitar teacher is dedicated and provides lessons easy to follow.

4) Positive Nature Your guitar teacher should encourage you to improve your music skills and overcome your difficulties. You need to be inspired to always go further and become the great musician you’re dreaming of.

5) Belief Your guitar teacher will be first of all a friend for you, so you must choose someone to trust and who can guide you for a long time. Just think that some aspiring guitarists have been studying with the same teacher since they were children!

…and 10 things you have to look for

Now it’s up to you! What kind of teacher are you looking for? We give you some advice to help you with your choice. The first six ones are more general, while the last four are practical.

1)Teaching Method Do you prefer a rigorous teacher or a more casual one? Discipline it’s important (you wouldn’t learn anything without it!), but playing guitar it’s fun too. Seek for a mix of both aspects.

2) Goal-setter A little bit of discipline doesn’t hurt, anyway.  Choose a teacher who understands your abilities and set simple goals to motivate you.

3) Education A guitar teacher can have a college background or be self-taught. Anyway, search for good references, they will be useful for you to choose the right person.

4) Experience teaching Direct consequence of the previous point, having some years of experience is a plus.

5) Personality Since you want to be inspired, your teacher should be nice, friendly and… ready to cheer you up every time your fingers hurt because of those strings!

6) Dedication Acquiring new skills takes time: choose a teacher who wants to spend his time for you. It’s so amazing to grow up (literally and musically speaking) with the same teacher!

7) Love for children If you’re a parent you surely want your child to learn guitar in a playful atmosphere, don’t you? A lot of guitar courses are trained by tutors experienced with kids, seek for them.

8) Price Consider your budget but always look for quality. If you want to learn guitar more seriously, maybe spending a bit more could be an option.

9) Location It’s more convenient for you to find a music studio near to where you live or a teacher who takes at-home lessons.

10) Active musically Last but not least, some guitar teachers are performers too. This can give you an idea of what you can learn from them.


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