Riff Of The Week 3

Riff Of The Week 3

Only Shallow – My Bloody Valentine

He often flies under the radar, unmentioned in the conversations of ‘ground breaking guitarists’, However Kevin Shields of My Blood Valentine deserves to be counted, through various sonic experimentation has crafted a style, sound and genre that is entirely unique. This is Shoegaze folks.

‘Only Shallow’ is the perfect introduction to his mastery. Track 1 on the Loveless album released in 1991 was light years ahead of its time … and once more it sounds it.

Fuzzed out and warbling, you could forgive anybody for question ‘Is that a guitar?’ and ‘How on earth is that a guitar?’

The reach of Kevin Shields sonic menace stretches beyond this track and radiates through the entire album – giving the musical arrangement this sense of oceanic and cosmic landscapes.

Enough about it – feast your ears on this …


Venus in Furs – The Velvet Underground

Venus in Furs, somehow, as a track is summed up by its track title – take the title as some sort of sonic symbolism – and even though it is titled after a 1800’s Austrian Novella – somehow, it feels as if it is meant to be.

Right from the top, the guitar playing sounds like a marching band moving through an opium den haze in old time Marrakech. The screeching dissonant sets a dark and curious scene complimenting the vocals, as the track continues to reach a climax.

Its beauty lies in its disregard for perfection which allows the riff to continue to feel fresh despite its repetition. It’s original, simple and pivotal to a classic track, on a classic album by one very special band.

Listen here:


Riff Of The Week 3

Riff Of The Week 3

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