London Guitar Lessons,Queens Park,Kilburn,Willesden,Kensal Rise,Cricklewood,Primrose Hill,Hampstead,Camden,Chalk Farm, Maida Vale, St. Johns Wood,Notting Hill

Guitar Lessons: we have been teaching professionally for 15+ years are honoured to share our musical knowledge with you.

London Guitar Lessons,Queens Park, Kilburn,Willesden,Kensal Rise,Cricklewood,Primrose Hill,Hampstead,Camden,Chalk Farm, Maida Vale, St. Johns Wood,Notting Hill provide quality, proven guitar lessons geared toward the music that YOU want to learn.

So, what’s your musical dream?  Would you like to play in a band? With or for your friends and family? Would you like to be able to create and play great lead guitar solos? Write your own songs? Or just learn and improve for your own enjoyment so that you can finally play the music you’ve always wanted to be able to play?

Get ready to learn to play guitar the way YOU want to play!What are some of the ways Guitar Lessons London can help you?

• Play your favourite songs and develop your own songwriting
• Proper technique and avoid bad habits
• Video recordings of your lessons to watch at home
Shop smart for guitars and other gear
• All the first chords every player should know
Strumming patterns to to add variety in an economic way
• The proper way to tune and restring your guitar
• Music theory – learn how music works and put it to practical use
• Develop your hearing abilities with Ear Training and learn to play by ear
• Learn where all the notes, chords, scales, and arpeggios are on the fretboard
• Learn to read and write musical notation and guitar tab
• Barre chords and other moveable shapes
• Chord types: Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminshed, 7th, Suspended, and more
• Techniques like bending, sliding, trills, pinch harmonics,
natural harmonics, hammer-ons, and pull-offs
• Intonation and guitar setup, and even learn how to do it yourself


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