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Guitar Lessons -The Heart & Soul of The London Guitar Academy is to introduce and connect people with the power, the joy and the fun of playing the guitar

Over the past decade, the London Guitar Academy success has been fueled by an ever increasing number of guitar players who want a place where they can go to connect and be EDUCATED, ENCOURAGED, INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to pursue personal goals and passions.

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1. BEGINNER COURSE: This is not only for first time players, but for most who wish to simply play songs for enjoyment and fun. Learn all the basics without having to learn countless chords, scales and theory. Although a few basics are covered, you will be strumming songs in no time.

2. INTERMEDIATE COURSE: For accomplished guitarists who want more. Covered are technique, theory, application and ear training…as well as songwriting/composition skills. Learning songs is required so be prepared to bring your ipod on a weekly basis. You will also be encouraged to join a band/group, ensemble, school jazz band, etc. Sight reading can be covered, but optional.

 With each year, we have remained true to our original goal and mission, “Changing the world, one guitar player at a time.”


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