guitar lessons for beginners

All students are motivated to set goals for performance at every opportunity as a stimulus for positive cycles in practice, enjoyment, and the “can-do” mentality.

From the beginner level the students are armed with a foundation on which to grow a solid “learning tree” in order to continue developing the mental tools to exploit their strengths and overcome “sticking points” that may otherwise hold them back.

It is in the immersion that the freedom to truly enjoy playing brings

that we find our inner musician.

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RHYTHM – Beginners

Understanding whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes.

Keeping even time.

Exploring fast and slow tempo.

Left hand positions, fingers, wrist and arm usage.

Holding the guitar, relaxation, and physical balance.

MELODY – Beginners

Introduction to improvisational poetry.

Exploring the similarities between modern melodic form & nursery rhymes.

Learning the open string names and how to tune the guitar.

Learning the notes along the entire fretboard of the guitar.

Spontaneously creating single note melodies on the first three strings.

Right hand positions, stretching and using fingers for melody.

HARMONY – Beginners

Further learning of notes on the guitar using octaves, fifths and patterns.

Introduction to I IV V progressions.

Playing chords as roots only.

Playing chords as “rock chords”.

Right hand positions, stretching and using fingers for chords.

EAR TRAINING – Beginners

Recognising high and low notes.

Recognising fast and slow tempi and note lengths.

Introduction to listening to and copying simple rhythms and melodies.

Introduction to recognising intervals.


Introduction to music notation and its origins.

Creating chart layouts for simple song forms.

Reading and writing clefs, note lengths, staves and measures.

Notes on the treble staff.

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beginner guitar lessons