Guitar Lessons Bromley-by-Bow

 Bromley-by-Bow Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Bromley by Bow. Our fantastic guitar tutors in East London are ready to help you reach your guitar goals. We offer friendly, one-on-one instruction anywhere in London. Lessons are conducted on a one-to-one basis in a comfortable, friendly and relaxed environment and taught by highly-qualified instructors who can tailor teaching to student ability and desired genre.

Guitar Lessons Bromley-by-Bow

We offer lessons in Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitar taught by world-class musicians who provide guitar lessons at our London studio, in students’ homes, and online via Skype. Styles and genres include Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, R&B, Indie, Blues and Jazz. One-hour lessons for students of all ages, including those as young as 7. Lessons cover both open position and barre chords, movable voicings and inversions, chord extensions and alterations, rhythm, scales, techniques, and songs.

Learn From The Best Guitar Teachers In LondonGuitar Lessons Bromley-by-Bow

Guitar Lessons and Guitar Teachers in Bromley by Bow

Our classes are customer-driven and include a range of musical genres as well as information about music theory, performance, and guitar fundamentals.

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  • Tuition in acoustic, electric, ukulele and bass guitar
  • Beginners of all ages, intermediate or advanced are welcome
  • Learn how to play every chord, solo, and lick you can imagine, all in the comfort of your own home
  • Full time professional guitar tutor
  • Teaching students about music theory, reading, ear training, strumming and picking techniques, songwriting, chords, harmony, and much more
  • Professional recording equipment is available for student use
  • Professional recording equipment is available for student use