Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson

At Guitar Lessons London our main focus is that our students make gradual progress and are enjoying their practice time. During the initial lessons, guitar lessons London spend some time determining the goals of our students. This is a two-fold process.
First, we determine if the student is aspiring to become a professional
musician, a part time hobbyist or anything in between.

We then try to
determine what style or styles of music are of interest, if the student
is interested in reading, theory or improvisation and several other
options. This information allows us to custom design a fun and
interesting program for each of our students.

London Guitar Academy also can teach you how to play any song of your choosing including
any applicable theoretical underpinnings or improvisational approaches.

A note on reading music: The only style of guitar playing which
demands reading is classical guitar. We also teach “TAB” which is short
for “TABLATURE”. TAB is a much easier (although somewhat simplified)
method of finding notes on the guitar.

P.S. We also teach ukulele, banjo, bass and mandolin.