Everyone Can Learn To Play Guitar

Everyone can learn guitar, start today!

While the protagonist of the movie Ratatouille said that “anyone can cook”, at London Guitar School we are fully convinced that everyone can learn to play guitar.

Boys and girls, children and adults, complete beginners or advanced… a fantastic musician can hide in everyone and we are here to help your musical potential to emerge. 

If you would like to learn guitar in London area our school is definitely the right place for you. We provide guitar courses for all ages and levels, joining technique with fun. Our talented tutor James is looking forward to introduce you to the guitar world in 360°.

No matter who you are, here we have courses made specially for you. In other words: we provide the best guitar lessons in London!

Everyone Can Learn To Play Guitar

Everyone Can Learn To Play Guitar

Are you ready to start? Let’s go!

Guitar lessons for kids

It’s never too early to learn to play a musical instrument and playing guitar is a very good option for children. If you’re a little budding musician at our school you can learn the basics:

  • your first chords
  • simple riffs
  • note-reading…

Also, you will meet new friends and enjoy playing with them.

Our lessons are aimed for kids aged 6 and up. We teach both acoustic and electric guitar, so little rocking tornados too can find something cut for them.

What did you say? You’re less than six and a guitar is too big for you? No problem, we also have ukulele courses for kids aged 4-5! 

Guitar lessons for adults

Are you always listening to music? Would you like to play and sing popular songs (even those of your teen age)? There’s nothing better than taking a guitar and starting your trip into music. You will learn step by step how to play guitar and see your music skills constantly improve. 

What? Are you not a beginner? Chords are already your friends but would you like to know more? You just need to ask! At London Guitar School more expert students too can learn something. From pentatonic scales to theory of music, you will get a complete overview of guitar world.

What if I like playing… Flamenco?

At our lessons, all music styles are covered. We can teach you everything which can be played with a guitar.

Rock, blues, metal… even Flamenco! No matter what style you like best, here you can learn it. And yes, then you will be able to perform in front of your friends or – let’s dream bigger! – on a club stage with flashing lights and a thunderous applause.

Where do you live? 

If you want to learn guitar in London area, you can find our music studios practically in every corner of the town. We are active in Richmond, Leytonstone , Brockley, Camden, Fulham…  Otherwise we can reach you too: we also provide one-to-one guitar lessons at your home. 

In conclusion, our courses are really for everyone. According to:

  • your age
  • your level
  • the music like 
  • and even your location

here you will find the guitar lesson for you!

Call us at number 07957 230 354 and start playing guitar now!!