Easy Guitar Songs

Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

1.) House of the Rising Sun by The Animals
2.) I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
3.) Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
4.) I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash
5.) Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Top 5 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

1.) Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver
2.) Free Falling by Tom Petty
3.) Yellow by Coldplay
4.) Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson
5.) Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynard

More Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

6.) Clocks by Coldplay
7.) Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift
8.) Lost by Coldplay
9.) Realize by Colbie Caillat
10.) You’re Beautiful by James Blunt




Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

Capo 1 Em G D A [4X]


Em                       G

Robert’s got a quick hand

D                             A

He’ll look around the room he won’t tell you his plan

Em                    G

Got a rolled cigarette

D                             A

Hangin’ out his mouth, he’s a cowboy kid

Em                     G

Yeah, found a six-shooter gun

D                         A

In his dads closet hidden with a box of fun things

Em                    G

I don’t even know what

D                         A

But he’s comin’ for you, yeah he’s comin for you, hey



Em                          G

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks


You’d better run, better run


Outrun my gun

Em                          G

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks


You’d better run, better run


Faster than my bullet




Em                    G

Daddy works a long day

D                      A

He’ll be coming home late, he’s coming home late

Em                    G

And he’s bringing me a surprise

D                                A

Cos’ dinner’s in the kitchen and it’s packed in ice

Em                     G

I’ve waited for a long time

D                          A

The slight of my hand is now a quick pull trigger

Em                      G

I reason with my cigarette

D                            A

And say your hair’s on fire you must have lost your wits, yeah

When you get through these, be sure to check out five more easy guitar songs for beginners!

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If you’re new to the guitar, you are probably anxious to learn some songs. The following are ten of the simplest songs you can learn to play on the guitar. Although you can play any of these songs on any kind of guitar, these were chosen with the acoustic guitar in mind. Electric guitarists may want to read the best songs to learn on electric guitar.

1. Free Fallin’

This Tom Petty classic is a good place to start, as you only need to move a couple fingers around to play the entire song.

If you can play the G majorC major and D major chords, you’ve got all the tools you need to tackle this John Denver song.

3. Wish You Were Here

Although the opening acoustic guitar solo is probably too tough to tackle right away, learning the main “riff” of this Pink Floyd song should be fairly straightforward.

4. Horse With No Name

This America song was at one point a song that almost everyone knew how to play – including people who didn’t know how to play guitar.

5. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

You may know the original Bob Dylan version of the song, or the Guns n’ Roses cover – both are easy to play.

6. Wonderwall

This Oasis song uses a few simple chords – the strum may be a challenge, but you should be able to learn this one pretty quickly.

7. House of the Rising Sun

If you know this very old folk song, you probably know the recording by The Animals, which features some slightly more advanced arpeggiated picking. The chords, however, are pretty straightforward, although they do include the F major chord.

8. Wonderful Tonight

The chords for this Eric Clapton song are simple, and they change slowly. Once you’ve mastered the chords, you might even want to try playing thelead guitar part.


9. Brown Eyed Girl

A nice and easy song by Van Morrison that you should be able to learn the chords to quickly.

10. I Should Have Known Better

This early Beatles song features a straightforward strum and a few basic chords. Beginner guitarists should be able handle this one.


Some classic rock greats, with some other fun, mostly easy songs mixed in. 

  1. Against the wind (Bob Seger)
  2. all day and all of the night (Kinks)
  3. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python)
  4. America (Simon & Garfunkle)
  5. American Pie (Don McLean)
  6. Bad moon rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  7. Bad Reputation (Freedy Johnston)
  8. Ball And Chain (Social Distortion)
  9. Between the bars (Elliot Smith)
  10. Black sabbath (Black-sabbath)
  11. Bonzo Goes to Bitbburg (Ramones)
  12. Breath (Moist)
  13. Brick (Ben Folds Five)
  14. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morisson)
  15. Butterfly (Weezer)
  16. Carefree highway (Gordon Lightfoot)
  17. Cemetery gates (Smiths)
  18. Deep Inside of You (Third Eye Blind)
  19. Don’t Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
  20. Don’t look back in Anger (Oasis – Free download of guitar chords and lyrics)
  21. Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright (Bob Dylan)
  22. Drive (Cars)
  23. Dust in the wind (Kansas)
  24. E t i (Blue Oyster Cult)
  25. Embryo (Black Sabbath)
  26. Everyday is like sunday (Morrissey)
  27. Falling in love (Elvis Presley)
  28. Good Riddance Time of Your Life (Green Day)
  29. Graduation day (Chris Isaak)
  30. Grow Old With You (Sandler Adam)
  31. Grow Old With You (Sandler Adam)
  32. Harvest Moon (Neil Young)
  33. Heart of Gold (Neil Young)
  34. Hey Jude (Beatles)
  35. High (Feeder)
  36. House Of The Rising Sun (Animals)
  37. Hurt (Johnny Cash)
  38. Hyacinth house (Doors)
  39. Hybrid Moments (Misfits)
  40. I like cheese (Monty Python)
  41. In my life (Beatles)
  42. In the City (Walsh Joe)
  43. Lawyers guns and money (Warren Zevon)
  44. Leavin on a jet plane (John Denver)
  45. Like A Hurricane (Neil Young)
  46. Lodi (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  47. Lola (by Ray Davies of the Kinks)
  48. Minor Incident (Badly Drawn Boy)
  49. Mother (Pink Floyd)
  50. Mr tambourine man (Byrds)
  51. Mrs robinson (Simon & Garfunkle)
  52. My little empire (Manic Street Preachers)
  53. My Name Is Jonas (Weezer)
  54. My Perfect Day (Feeder)
  55. Needles and pins (Ramones)
  56. Nights in White Satin (Moody Blues)
  57. No Matter What (Badfinger)
  58. Old Man (Neil Young)
  59. Once Around the Block (Badly Drawn Boy)
  60. One (U2)
  61. Only In Dreams (Weezer)
  62. Palisades park (Ramones)
  63. Pink Triangle (Weezer)
  64. Please Forgive Me (David Gray)
  65. Promises (Eric Clapton)
  66. Razor boy (Steely Dan)
  67. Ring of fire (Johnny Cash)
  68. Running On Empty (Jackson Browne)
  69. Say yes (Elliott Smith)
  70. Say Yes (Smith Elliott)
  71. Seven (David Bowie)
  72. Sit down young stranger (Gordon Lightfoot)
  73. Space Oddity (David Bowie)
  74. Still the same (Bob Seger)
  75. Story of my life (Social Distortion)
  76. Suicide is painless (Loudon Wainwright)
  77. Suicide Is Painless (Misc Television)
  78. Summers almost gone (Doors)
  79. Sunny (Morrissey)
  80. Suspicious minds (Elvis Presley)
  81. Sweet Thing (Van Morrison)
  82. The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel)
  83. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight (REM)
  84. The World Ain’t Slowin Down (Ellis Paul)
  85. These Are the Days (Van Morrison)
  86. This perfect world album (Freedy Johnston)
  87. Tumble And Fall (Feeder)
  88. Under The Milky Way (The Church)
  89. Waterloo Sunset (Kinks)
  90. We Gotta Get out of this Place (Eric Burden)
  91. Whish you were here (Pink Floyd)
  92. Wholl stop the rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  93. Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)
  94. Wild Night (Van Morrison)
  95. Yesterday (Beatles)
  96. Yesterday Went Too Soon (Feeder)
  97. YOU GOT IT (Travelling Wilburys)
  98. You remain (Willie Nelson)
  99. You Stole The Sun From My Heart (Manic Street Preachers)
  100. You Were Right (Badly Drawn Boy)
  101. Guitar Lessons in London

    London Guitar Lessons Chord Chart






    Wild Thing
            =Ax2   Dx2   Ex2   Dx2 
    Ax2      Dx2    Ex2     Dx2
    Wild Thing,            you make my
    A         D      E     D
    heart sing             you make my
    A         D      E     D
    everything...groovy    yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah
    A         D      E
    Wild Thing
    G A G A   [stop]
               Wild Thing, I think I love you
    G A G A   [stop]
               but I wanna know for sure
    G A G A   [stop]
              come on over and shake me
    G A G A   [stop]               DDDD

              Ooow, Wild Thing


    Let It Be
    :John Lennon/Paul McCartney}
    Wh[G]en I find myself in t[D]imes of trouble,
    Mo[Em]ther Mary c[C]omes to me,
    Sp[G]eaking words of w[D]isdom, let it [C]be.[G]
    [G]And in my hour of da[D]rkness,
    She is st[Em]anding right in f[C]ront of me,
    Sp[G]eaking words of w[D]isdom, let it [C]be.[G]
         Let it [Em]be, let it [D]be, let it [C]be, let it [G]be.
       [G]Whisper words of wis[D]dom, let it [C]be.[G]
    And when the broken hearted people
    Living in the world agree,
    There will be no answer, let it be.
    But though there may be parting,
    There is still a chance that they will see,
    There will be an answer, let it be.
         Let it [Em]be, let it [D]be, let it [C]be, let it [G]be.
         Whisper words of wis[D]dom, let it [C]be.[G]
         Let it [Em]be, let it [D]be, let it [C]be, let it [G]be.
         Whisper words of wis[D]dom, let it [C]be.[G]