Radio 1 boss: 'Guitar music is definitely on the way back'

A Radio 1 boss has predicted that guitar music is set for a major comeback.

The comment came in response to an interview with rival station Kiss’s programme director Andy Roberts in Music Week, where he said that the current British obsession with Euro pop could soon come to an end with a new wave of guitar bands, like with Blur and Oasis in the 1990s.

“We’re probably waiting for guitars to come back,” Roberts said. “The last time we had [this] we had Whigfield and Corona. I remember that as a kid and something came, the guitar stuff – Oasis and Blur. We’re due guitars [again] but I think they’ll be a fusion of something we [radio stations] will all be able to play.”

Radio 1 and 1Xtra programme director George Ergatoudis linked to the story onTwitter, writing: “Interesting. Kiss boss @RadioAndy in @Music_Week: ‘We’re probably waiting for guitars to come back’. Guitar music is definitely on the way back.”

Both The Vaccines and Jake Bugg have had Number One albums in the last few months, with Bugg telling NME this week that it is his job to “keep all that X Factor shit off the top of the charts”.