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Five benefits of online Zoom Guitar Lessons

We will find the best teacher for you.

We have a wide range of specialist teachers so whether you prefer Slash or Johnny Cash we can pair you up with the best teacher for your needs.

Improve your musicianship

We have received really positive feedback from our students about getting to grips with writing out music during the lessons and feeling like more of a musician than a simply a guitar player or singer. Your teacher will talk you through how to notate music and encourage you every step of the way but this will really improve your confidence knowing how to work independently once the lesson has finished.

Prepare for uploading your music to the internet

Zoom Guitar Lessons

Zoom Guitar Lessons


If you are planning on uploading your songs to a streaming platform such as YouTube, you will be much closer to your goal! Having this opportunity to learn the technical skills to record and perform via the computer will help exponentially.

Watch yourself back

A huge bonus to learning online is the ability to see yourself. Having another perspective will help to correct your posture and positioning. You also have the option to record the lesson and watch it back so don’t worry if you forget something from the lesson. This is probably the best reason to learn online – you will have a record of exactly how to play the part correctly and see your improvement as the lessons go on!

How does it work?

Our lessons are available with  Zoom,Skype, FaceTime, Duo – you name it, we can do it! Our teachers have the best equipment so you will have clear sound coming through your speakers. Simply find a convenient time for you and learn from the comfort of your own home. You will have a clear history of your lessons with your progress and resources used – this keeps track of work neatly and in an organised way. Don’t worry about forgetting to bring the sheet of music you are working on to the lesson!

You can quickly look up songs for references and play them from your computer or phone during and after the lesson. It is a great way to easily take notes your way and reference them with useful websites, links and tutorials as we go! Another fantastic feature is being able to share screen with your teacher to access anything they wish to show you on their computer.

How do I get started?

Visit our bookings page at https://londonguitaracademy.com/contact and fill in the form. Include your musical tastes, if you have any experience and let us know what you would like to get our of these guitar lessons. We will put you in contact with the teacher that is right for you!

Zoom Guitar Lessons

The recent health emergency forced us to stay at home, far away from each other… 

No problem! No matter the distance, music has no boundaries and if you want to learn guitar, you can still do it online. 

Here at London Guitar School, we found out Zoom, the best online tool to take guitar lessons in the comfort of your home. Zoom is the ultimate platform for video communications, that has a practical cloud for video and audio conferencing, webinars, meetings and lessons.

Learning guitar with Zoom is super easy and super accessible. All you need is a pc with a webcam or a mobile device. The main difference between this platform and other ones (such as Skype), is that you don’t need to have a list of contacts, but you can simply join a meeting by clicking on the link of the “virtual space” that hosts it. Simple, right?

How does Zoom works?

Here is some information to use Zoom. So sit back and read carefully the next paragraphs!

Zoom is a platform available free or paid. It’s up to you to choose between the two versions, but you can start using the free one, that has, however, many features.

You can download the Zoom app for smartphones and tablets (available for Android and iOS devices), or the Zoom client for computer. Then, you need to create your own account and update your profile.

Now you’re ready for your first guitar lesson with Zoom! You can schedule your lesson with your teacher – setting day and time – and join it in two ways:

  • Start the meeting as the host
  • Join your teacher’s meeting

What makes Zoom so perfect for guitar lessons?

Zoom has an extra gear, compared to other platforms, for many reasons. First of all, learning guitar requires movement precision: you must know how to put your fingers in the correct position, how to perform well your first chords…

It certainly would be better to take frontal lessons, but in the case of impossibility online technologies must be up to the challenge.

Well, Zoom software enhances the camera (as the name suggests!), so you can see much more clearly the via of the guitar neck and avoid making mistakes. In this way, you can learn how to play guitar easily, just as an in-person lesson.

During the lesson, you can chat with your teacher, ask him/her your questions and improve your music skills lesson after lesson. Another big advantage of this platform is the In-Meeting file transfer function.

This tool allows your teacher to send you files during the lesson, such as scores, guitar chords to play your favorite songs… So you can go on exercising after the lesson, put into practice what you learned and make progress.

Last but not least, you can invite other people to have guitar lesson with you: all it takes is just to send an invitation to join the meeting. Thanks to split-screen, it will be just like a group lesson and maybe you can meet new “virtual” friends… waiting for meeting them live!

Contact us for more informations about online guitar lessons with Zoom!