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Vincenzo Marranca is a professional musician and music tutor, currently living in London.

Born and raised in Sicily, he taught himself how to play guitar at the age of 16 and after only a few months he joined a local function band that performed constantly all over the area.

His formal musical training begins in 2006, at the Modern Music Academy of Milan, where he studies music theory and performance.

In 2008 he auditions in Dublin for the Berklee College of Music of Boston.
Having passed all the tests and auditions, he starts school during the summer semester of 2009 and soon becomes one of the most outstanding students of his class.

In 2011 he is invited to join the Film Scoring Department and is selected by the faculty members to enter exclusive composition classes and even conduct the Berklee orchestra.

After graduation he moves to Los Angeles where he works for Shawn Clement (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) at the Paramount Pictures studios and other film composers as an assistant.

At the same time he is teaching guitar and bass in Pacific Palisades and performing with a local indie-rock band called We Are Kings and Queens.

In May 2015, at the end of his work visa, he leaves California and moves to London where he enters the music scene right away, going on a U.K. tour with Blackwell and on an Irish tour with the Celtic rock band Creeds Cross.

In August he joins a pop band called London Glow for a 3 months contract at the W hotel of Guangzhou, China.

He is now working with several artists in the London area, including Iranian pop-star Hossein Tohi, with whom he performs at the BBC for the Persian new year show, the biggest and most watched live performance of the Persian world.