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INTRODUCTORY LESSONS: (Teachers: James Stratton & Arthur Randle)  BOOK NOW!  The Best Way to Learn How to Play Guitar

Welcome to LGA’s Introduction to Guitar. You’ll learn ALL the essentials needed to begin playing acoustic or electric guitar. Our super easy express learning method is designed specifically to get you playing guitar quickly. All Styles Covered – Rock, Blues, Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Electric – All Ages Welcome! Our revolutionary Guitar Lessons guarantee results with undivided attention at your level, on your schedule helping you become strong confident guitarist.

  • Intro to Guitar: Technique, Simple Chords, Rhythms, and Melodies (pick or finger-style). Learn to Play Guitar with London Guitar Academy’s Beginner Guitar Lessons!
  • Rock/Pop Gutiar 101: Easy Rock Melodies & Chord Progressions . Step-by-Step Guide to Get You Playing Music Quickly!
    Basic Picking, Melodies, & Musicianship, Rhythm Guitar Basics ( It’s ALL about rhythm)
  • Blues Guitar 101: Easy Blues Melodies & Intro. to 12-Bar Major Blues. We will teach you how to play rhythm guitar by covering blues chords, strums, and riffs
  • Flamenco Gutiar 101: Technique Fundamentals & Easy Flamenco Chord Progressions. Breakdowns of Popular Easy Flamenco Guitar Songs.
  • Classical Guitar 101: Technique Fundamentals & Etudes. Foundation skills & Exercises. Helping you become the player you always wanted be be!
  • Jazz Guitar 101: Easy Jazz Melodies & Intro. to 2-5-1 Chords. Essential practice exercises, scales, arpeggios. Top Quality Beginner Jazz Guitar Lessons for YOU!
  • Latin Guitar 101: Easy Latin (Popular) Melodies & Chord Progressions. Free Guitar Tab, Practice Logs, Helpful Diagrams & More
  •  Learn An Amazing Guitar Learning Method That Has Helped Thousands of Guitar Students, Just Like You

Learn from a world renowned guitar tutors in London

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Introductory Lessons

Introductory Lessons

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